Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Greetings from Ghana!!!
Ok so...I'm sorry for the small email last week, we had a pig. I was really excited and I didn't want to be left out. But seriously it was awesome to kill it and everything. It took about 3 hours to cook and when we were finished eating it, we had so much left over that we had a member take the rest of the meat and make us a light soup, so now today we are eating fufu with light soup and pig. YAY!!! It's so much fun. The weeks just seem to be flying by here. 

Wednesday marks my 2 months here. It's crazy to think that i've been here now 2 whole months. Also on Wednesday is my first Zone Conference.  I get to travel to Accra to meet everyone in the zone and President Judd! That's going to be exciting. 

Saturday Night / Sunday Morning it rained like none other. It was a tropical storm. It was muddy and messy and well...at church we had at 9am 22 people there. At 10am we had 47 people there and this branch has over a 120 people in it so we have some work to do. 

We hope to have a baptism this coming Sunday. Elder Russell is doing the interview right after I finish emailing all of you guys. So I will let you know if i have my 2nd baptism next week. Pray all goes well. We also got a new branch mission leader last Sunday. It's exciting because he is a returned missionary so he knows what we need as missionaries and what he needs to do. It's sweet. We are doing a branch movie night this Friday so hopefully we get some new investigators from it. 
Hope all is going well for you. Can't wait to hear back. Thanks for all of your letters. I am working on all of your letters.
Cya next week.
Elder Ty M. Bowen. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Well...First off I got to talk to my Mommy last night. YAY! So happy. It honestly made my day. Sorry but I'm keeping this letter short. Were cooking a pig and it's almost done so if you don't get a personal email today I'm sorry but a pig is a pig. We killed it and everything. Ya fun! An elder from Tonga is cooking it as we speak. So with that...BYE!
Love Elder Bowden

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

     Well another week and April is over. So how am I? Well...things could be better. Why? Well, today I am going to start with a story. This story is like the story of Noah in the Old Testament. We had a flood in our apartment. And well...that part isn't the problem. In fact, it was easy to clean up. The problem, almost all of my adapters and plugins and chargers are now ruined.  Thankfully the one that didn't get destroyed is my camera charger. (Thank goodness) But my I-pod and speaker ones are no longer working. So now I can't listen to music until I find/get new equipment.  I wasn't the only one affected. Elder Tribe lost all of his equipment, including his hair clippers. So now we have no way to get a haircut, (unless we want to travel to Tema) but it's ok because everyone decided to get '3s' and I got a 2. So I have super short hair and will not get a haircut until my parents send my clippers. 
     We have no water...wait what...no water!!!  Because of the flood they turned off the pump until we can get the lead fixed, so water pressure is so low that the filter takes forever to run. So we have water, but not good water.
     Other then that things are busy here. Elder Russell (Zone Leader) and Elder Tribe are going to a part of our area that we don't go to (because it's a hour tro tro ride there) to see if a unit and missionaries could be sent there. Next transfer we will receive 17 Missionaries and only 8 are going home. The Transfer after that we will gain 27 missionaries and will be sending 0 home.  A lot of missionaries in the next few months. So new areas have to be opened and of course, the Mission will be splitting. I do not know where I will end up, but now I hope I stay in Tema Zone. It's the biggest zone in the whole mission and is the fastest growing. I like the Zone Leaders here, and they all know people I know! 
     Today we are having a Zone Activity so I am going to be heading there soon. We are getting T-shirts that I helped design, I've seen them and want to tell some funny things about them. We put all missionaries names on the back of the T-shirt, and there are some sisters as well on it. Funny part, they put Elder instead of Sister for one of the Sisters names, they misspelled some of the names, (including mine) and just did a lot of funny stuff like that. So excited to get it today. 
     Yesterday wasn't Fast Sunday for us. Instead we watched General Conference and it was nice to see the Prophet instead of just hearing him. It was awesome. Once again, the congregation was in shock when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Sang. (I don't know why I bet they've heard them before) but it was awesome to listen to them sing. Elder Ballard's grandson is in Ghana serving so he was super excited to see his grandpa. 
    I don't think I have anything else to share. If anyone wants to send me a new ipod cord or i home or music, (send me music on sd cards!) I have a lot but could always get more.  
     Thanks for the Emails and Letters, feel free to write or email and I will email you back asap. Family First. 

Love you all!  Thanks again. 


Elder Bowden.