Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year

Well, as we welcome 2014 we say goodbye to 2013. Not gonna lie. This past year has been very strange and different for me. To start off at home and being with all of my friends to go to the heat of the battle and become a missionary, very different life to live. This will be the only full year that I will be a missionary. From January to December I am a missionary. Then come 2015, I have small time till I return to you. But that is in the far future. Cars will be flying by that time. For now, the time is 2014. We have to look ahead with faith. 

This Christmas was very nice. We got up and had a baptism. Then we went out and got to work in the mission field. No members fed us. Nothing like that, just straight going and seeing people and then we go home and call home. AWESOME!!!!!!! I loved it. I cannot wait until May to call home again. By that time I will have 10 months left in Ghana. Crazy!!!!!

Life is good here. Still In Amasaman. Part of Ofankor ward. There are ten missionaries in this ward. Four Sister Missionaries and six Elders . . in one ward. Crazy. Come March they should be splitting the ward. However this Sunday we did lose the first councilor to the Bishop. He moved to a different stake . So our Bishop only has one councilor now. Not sure if we will get one before March. I doubt it. Tantra Hills still hasn't replaced the councilor since he moved and it's been longer than a year. 

I would just like to thank all of you who sent me anything for Christmas. It was really nice of you to do that and it must of come at a great cost to you. I can't imagine the sacrifice that you must of had to do that for me. 

Well, this is going to be an interesting week. I will let you know how it goes next week. Sorry this email isn't the best. I have been multitasking a lot today and didn't get to put in as much as I could of. I need to write this on Sunday and then type it on Monday. I will try that next week. 
Love you all, 

Elder Bowden!!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Well, we all know what happens this week. I get to call home. Sorry but just my mom, my dad and my little sister are invited. I am happy about getting to talk to them again. I get to hear from them every week, but to hear their voices is going to be the best thing ever. It has been 7 months since I last talked to them voice to voice. This will be my 2nd of 4 phone calls. I do not think I will ever skype because of the computers here, plus calling is much easier. 

Yesterday was an important day for me. I hit my 9 month mark! It was exciting. Sorry I don't really have much to talk about this week. I get so busy emailing other people that I forget sometimes to write this until end. Oh well, sorry, next week will be good. 



Elder Ty M. Bowden

Monday, December 16, 2013

Picture Day!!!!

So Today is going to be a picture day. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Sorry no Popcorn. 

So me and Elder Morrison Enjoyed some fun making Pumpkins on Halloween. 

 My First Son: Elder Reeves.

From Washington State. 

20 years old.

As of now 2 months on Mission

YAY!!! ONLY 22 more to go!!!!

 Walking Home in the Dark. (Going Left to right: Elder Reeves, Elder Indimudia, Elder Saleh)

 Sunset at the Ofankor Chapel. 

Oh Christmas Tree!!!!

Oh Christmas Tree!!!!

 I don't know, just smile and put it on a Blog...Why Not?

 Now this one, in the Suit Coats, is the 1000th picture I've taken on this camera. Special Moment...

 Zone Training!!!!

Baptism on Saturday!!!! Every Ward in the Area had one person being baptized. HAPPY DAY!!!!!

So one of the Sister Missionaries is going home tomorrow. Sister Etifia from Nigeria. So...


 See Me Enjoying!!!! :)
So Yes...I Ejoyed A little Bit. :)

So now you have some pictures of me and the mission. This upcoming Saturday will be my 9th month in Ghana!!! So Lets PARTY!!!!!


I hope you enjoyed this weeks Blog. I know I did. I cannot wait to talk to you next week. So good luck, sleep tight, and I shall see you later!

Love, Elder Ty M. Bowden 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Greetings from a DRY Ghana!!

 Hello once again! Ghana is going well. It is December and we have 6 inches of dust. Apparently during December, January and February is what is called Harmatin (Ha Ma Ton). It is a very dry season in Ghana. It goes from raining like crazy to dust like crazy. We seriously cannot see 100 yards ahead of ourselves. There is so much dust in the air. If anyone wants to send a mask please do so. The dirt is terrible. It just started 3 days ago and one of the older Elders says that it will get way worse. However the humidity is gone almost. You feel like you are in St. George in the summer. 
     This being the season of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank all of those who have sacrificed so much that I could be out here on my mission. I know it isn't easy to do that. It's not easy to have someone you care about leave for 2 years to a foreign world. However the Lord has commanded, and we must obey. All I know is that if you are my friend and you are not a member, prepare to be seeing men in suits as soon as I get home because you are going to be a referral. 
     This next paragraph is for my sister mainly. I have some explaining to do for her. I emailed her last week telling her that two missionaries were going to write to her. Why? Well, I have a picture of her in my room, and well two of the missionaries noticed it and they have a desire to write to her. I find is super funny, Halie is my sister!  It's strange having someone telling me that my sister is beautiful. Of course it's true, but it's just so weird to think and hear it come out of someones mouth. So, I made a deal with them. If they were actually serious about this if they wrote a hand written letter to her, I would provide an envelope with the address on it. Well, this has been done. They will be sent over to America tomorrow. So Halie, prepare for two letters from missionaries.
     Well, Last Monday I bought a Christmas Tree. Well, it is awesome. It's as good as I am going to get here for a good price. Now I have an awesome tree for two years! I am not sure if I will keep it after 2014 Christmas and give it away OR bring it home and put it in my college apartment. Not sure yet. Details... Shout out to Aunt Wendy and the Horman Family!  First family to have a package under my Christmas Tree! Super Excited. I wasn't sure if I was to open it or not, so I did and once I realized that there were wrapped packages in it, I put them under the tree. However, the candy did not survive the temptations. Thank you for the sugar. Thank you for the package. 
     So this past week was a very good week. We had our best week with our numbers. Surprising to me, we had the best numbers in the whole District!  I have no idea how that happened. But it did. I am very grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to have such a week. I pray that we are able to maintain these kind of numbers and hopefully build off of them. Try to stay consistent in the good parts and try to bring up the bad parts. 
     FYI you are all invited to a baptism this Saturday. It will start at 4:00 at the Ofankor Chapel, Tesano Stake. A young man named Innocent will be getting baptized this day and we are all super excited for him. We've been working on him as long as I have been in Ofankor, if not longer. It is weird to think that I've been in Ofankor for 2 months now. 
     Funny Story - I might even have a new ward soon. Not because I will be transferred but because the ward will hopefully be splitting soon, and that would mean that I would be part of the Amasaman Ward. YAY!!!! The rented building is much closer to the apartment and is actually in the Amasaman District. So pray that that happens before I am transferred. We will be splitting hopefully before the start of February. 
     Well....that's about all for this time. I hope all is going well where ever you might be. And we will see you next week. 

LOVE YA!!!!!!
Elder Ty M. Bowden 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Greetings from Ghana!!!!

   Well, this week is another week gone. As time passes by here so do the days and so much for me paying attention because I completely forgot that Thanksgiving was this past Thursday. I thought it was two weeks ago. Shows how much I know. 
     Yesterday in Church we only sang one Christmas hymn and that was only because someone complained that there wasn't a Christmas hymn on the program, so they changed it. Speaking of yesterday, Church was interesting, very interesting. It was fast and testimony meeting and well...there were some very interesting testimonies given. It was so bad that our guest visitor, Elder Vinson of the Seventy, got up and finished the Sacrament meeting. AWKWARD. . . Other than that, Sunday was very nice. Elder Vinson took control of Priesthood and we talked about how the ward needs to be more supportive of the missionaries and how Bishop and the leaders need to go out more and call more ward missionaries. 
     I want to talk about today!!!! I BOUGHT A CHRISTMAS TREE!!!! YA ME!!!!! So tonight we are going to set it up and put all the decorations and what not on it. Hopefully we bought enough supplies. Where I bought it at had actual trees with the whole shabang but they were 185 ghana cedis. I spent no more than 130 on this tree and supplies. Thats right. So I will let you all know how it looks next week. 
     Sorry this is so short this week but I have only a small time today because of said tree. I love you and I am still alive. It's christmas time so remember the missionaries who are away from their families.
I love you all so so so very much.
Elder Ty M. Bowden 


  So on this week, a few things have happened that were fun. One is the fact that week 2 of training is over. Now it's onto week 3 and another week of teaching this "greenie" about the doctrines and principles of missionary life. Indeed I am quite impressed with Elder Reeves so far with food. He has mastered how to make the missionary breakfast. Bread and Egg. He is learning a lot of other things but little by little. And he won't learn it all at once. It will for sure take some time but he will get there soon enough.
     We are working now on improving our numbers. The only way we can do that is to find as many people as we can. We are trying to explore new ideas and find new areas to work on. But it will take time as we get rid of the old and start working with the new. We found last week a lot of new people to start teaching and now it is all just depending on us teaching them and the Holy Spirit testifying to them of what we are saying is true. Which it will do of course, it's just a matter of if they listen or not. 
     Funny story. Yesterday was Missionary Sunday in our Ward. We had this great Sunday planned. Well, funny part. 10 minutes before the meeting was to begin, whose car do I see pull up, President and Sister Hill's.... Award...Not really but it was shocking to say the least. Because none of us told them that we were having such a Sacrament meeting, and now they just show up...WHAT??? Well we had planned a Sister missionary and an Elder speak then one member of the bishopric. Well, Bishop changes it to the final two speakers and President and Sister Hills. It was a wonderful meeting and President Hill met with all of our investigators after church. Sister Hill went to primary and taught the kids a new primary song. With the help of Elder Morrison. It was a wonderful day and hopefully we have more like it. 
     I would just like to send a great shout out to my Mom and Dad. They sent me a wonderful package with candy and cds in it. I would like to take this time to thank them for that wonderful gift that they gave to me, I received it on Saturday at the Nsawam Open House. 
     Now the Nsawam open house. It was a great time as well to meet new contacts and try to have them come to the chapel in Nsawam. I hope and pray that we got some serious investigators out of it. 
     I thought I should let you know that I am currently downloading the April 1971 General Conference Talks onto one of my Sd Cards. Why might you ask? Because I downloaded all of 2012 and 2013 and was like, I wonder what the oldest Conference Talk is on the website that i can download. 1971 April was my answer. COOL!!!! Did you know that back then Conference was also on Tuesday! That is weird. I am glad the church did away with that Idea. 
     Well, I better sign off for now. It was great to sit and talk with all of you wonderful people once again. 

I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO SO SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Monday, November 18, 2013

Hi Everyone!!

Well brothers and sisters, this week has been A week.  Thank goodness it is over.  Not that last week was a bad week, just that it could of gone way better.  Training a new missionary is different than I thought it would be.  I love it so far!  But just like any new experience, it's not always quite like what we all expect it to be.  I love my new missionary to death.  He is super super funny and wacky! His name is Elder Reeves.  He is 20 years old (yes he is older than me) and is from Seattle.  It is more like an hour away, but that is what he says when meeting people or they think he is from Washington DC.  He is super excited to be here.  He wants to go out and work super hard.

This transfer they also put 2 more missionaries in the District.  So now our ward has 2 districts in it. The Sisters are part of my old area, Tantra Hills District.  Elder Anderson finally got his wish and he was transferred to the bush.  He is in the hardest area of the bush, though, so be careful what you wish for. :)  Our apartment now includes:
          Zone Leader and his companion
                District Leader and his companion
                     Trainer and his son  <---------- THAT'S ME!!!

This week begins our first full week as father and son.  We are going to do a lot of contacting and teaching people.  He needs to just get out and see what it is really like to be working in Africa.  He is doing great though.  I wish the area was in a little better shape than what it is currently in.  I know with some heart-felt prayers, my working harder, and contacting more people Heavenly Father will provide a way.

It is time to go.  I will have much more to talk about once we get properly on our feet.   Patience is going to be key for us these next few days.

God is King!
The Book is Blue!
Cougars are the Best!
Elder Bowden is the very mostly Blessed (I know, bad grammar)

Bowden Elder          (I think that is backwards)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Greetings from Ghana!!!!

     So it has been another week!  I should let you all know that I am now a TRAINER!!!  Yes, little old me has been called to train a new missionary. I consider myself extremely blessed because most missionaries do not get the opportunity to train.  It is exciting and nerve rattling.  I want to do a good job so today my companion and I went and did a little preparation for the transfer this Wednesday.  More details next week.

     The great news for this week is that we had two baptisms!  YAY!!!  A mother and a daughter.  It was a great experience for them AND my companion was the one to perform the baptism.  So exciting!!  His first time ever doing it.  If this computer didn't have so many viruses on it, I would send pictures, but I do not want to corrupt my card.

     Because I am training, I got to go to a 3 hour long meeting about how to become a great trainer.  It was a good meeting.  President and Sister Hill both spoke and both the APs spoke.  I enjoyed it a lot and learned a ton from it.  While I was at that, I was on an exchange with another missionary that was also training.  The great news is while we were in that meeting, my companion and Elder Valdez (from SLC) were in our area and taught 6 lessons and gave out 2 baptismal dates.  Awesome!!!!

     Because I am going to be a trainer, my companion and I are trying to decide where he is going to be transferred.  We are trying to figure out the best scenario as if we actually decided or not where he goes.  LOL!!
  Also this week we got to go to the temple.  It was amazing!  So that was my week.  It was a wonderful week and I am grateful for the experiences Heavenly Father has given me each and every week.  I know that I am not perfect and that patience is needed each and every day.  I love all of you and look forward to hearing from you next week.


Elder Ty M. Bowden

November Is Here

So, it is November. Probably my favorite month of the year, Football, basketball, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, AND.......Missionary work... 
     So you all want to know how to pronounce my companions name and the town I am in. Well my companion's name is Elder Kiwanuka (Chee Wan Nuke AH) and the town we are in is call Amasaman (Awe Ma Saw Man)
     So I would just like to let all of you know that tomorrow, Elder Bowden is GOING TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!! 
     Now one thing that is interesting about Ghana is almost every other week there is a holiday of one kind or another. Like coming up is the Ghana vs Egypt (game two) of the FiFa tournament. That day will be a holiday. Schools will be closed and life as we know it will be over. For example during that 90 minutes of game 1 we taught no one. Everyone was home, but no one was interested because of the game. Same thing probably this time. But we will try never the less.  
     Breaking news, the Tesano Zone, Split... So now I am in the Tantra Zone and Elder Smith is the Zone Leader and my District Leader is now the other Zone Leader. Thrilling.  Also my district split so now its just the 6 Elders in the District and the Sisters are now part of the Tantra District with Elder Anderson (2nd Companion) as the new District Leader there. So currently the District Leader turned Zone Leader is still the District Leader until transfers. Then they will either call one of the missionaries in the apartment to be District Leader or bring in another missionary. Details hopefully sooner rather than later. 
     Well I would like to talk about Saturday and Sunday for a minute. These two days mark my 2nd out of 4 Stake Conferences here in Ghana. We had a special guest. Elder Dube of the First Quorum of the Seventy. COOL!!!!!! Saturdays Adult Session was all about missionary work. He did a presentation on missionaries and the ward council and asked actual members who participate in Ward Council to come up and help. Our ward Mission Leader was chosen for the ward mission leader position. And....Elder Dube asked him to pick two Elders to come and join the council....and you will never guess who my ward mission leader and my Companion, in front of the entire adult session of the Tesano Stake. Ya it was awesome! Made a joke, whole audience laughed, even Elder Dube, and then helped for 8 minutes. 
     The Sunday Session was just as good. I would like to explain the Tesano Stake Center. Originally it was built as a regular chapel for the Tesano ward. Well, when the Adenta Stake split there was no Stake Center for the new Tesano Stake, so they threw the new stake presidency into a broom closet. Literally!  One office for the stake president and his entire staff. So with that image, imagine a regular size stake back home, picture them all gathering at a regular chapel, tiny overflow, no gym... They put seats in the parking lot, every classroom, and even in the institute building next door!
     President and Sister Hill both spoke.  It was amazing!  Sister Hill I remember spoke about joy, and President Hill of course spoke about missionary work. Then Sister Dube spoke about a certain topic that I cannot recall off the top of my mind. Then Elder Dube finished talking to everyone about tithing. He spoke about more things but that was the focus point for sure. 
     So that was a very interesting week for me. That is about it for me. I would love and talk about more but I simply do not have enough room in my mind to remember it all. So until next week!!!!!

Love Greatly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Elder Ty M. Bowden. 

Ps. Packages with leftover Halloween candy are welcomed. :) 

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Fight in the Cafe'

  So if this email is super short today, it is because there is currently a fight in the cafe'. They have mostly resolved it but if they bring it back inside I will most likely leave or find shelter until they grow up.

     But now onto this week. WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!! YAY!!!!!  It was wonderful. My first full convert since coming here to Amasaman. He is 66 years old and has read (since the first Sunday I arrived here) from the introduction of the Book of Mormon all the way to Alma 48...Yes this guy is amazing. I love him to death.

    *The guys fighting left but have since returned with knives and have left just again. 

     This week was good. We are improving the area small by small. The interesting thing is that the area just increased from 4 Elders to 6 Elders. That is big and exciting news. Sadly one of the Elders who was with me at the MTC is super sick right now and might be sent home if he doesn't start drinking more water. He is from Kenya and is a super cool guy. He needs to drink and eat better. So pray for my friend please.

    The area is going well. Our convert has a friend we are working on and he has others that he wants us to work on. So we have some sweet referrals that we are going to start working on in the area. I am hoping that the ward splits soon and that we get a chapel closer to the area because with that there is an issue with some members who are less active because of the distance.

     *The fight has turned into using sticks and beating each other outside. No real issues yet. 

    So other then that, all I really know what to say is that we are pushing forward. I would really like a package with some candy in it though. Warren and Jodi's has been amazing. They sent an envelope and were able to fit a T-shirt into it. A Denver Broncos T-shirt! I am going to have worn that shirt out crazy by the time my mission is over.  I am loving it so much. So candy, even some mashed potatoes that I can just add water too would be cool.

     *Still arguing like little girls outside. Sawh.... (Twi for really)

     So last point I would like to make before leaving. I have a problem, HOW IS IT THAT THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS ARE 7-0!!!!!!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! 
OK I am done.
Much love and support to all of you. 
I am praying for all of you. 
I hope you are praying for me too!

Elder Ty M. Bowden

Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Week Gone . . .

Well, as we all know there are forces in life we cannot control.  For example, contacting is not my forte and we have almost no one in our teaching pool.  However, these forces are nice when you are blessed with 2 baptisms on Saturday and we will have another 2 this Saturday.  So what do you do when you know that come October 26 you will have no one in your teaching pool.  Panic?  Cry?  Wanna scream?  So what do you do?  It's quite simple really . . . as Elder Ballard said in General Conference:

"Preach My Gospel reminds all of us that 'nothing happens in missionary work until [we] find someone to teach.  Talk with as many people as you can each day.  It is natural to be somewhat apprehensive about talking to people, but you can pray for the faith and strength to be more bold in opening your mouth to proclaim the restored gospel.' You full-time missionaries, if you want to teach more, you must talk to more people every day.  This has always been what the Lord has sent missionaries forth to do."

So with that said, that is what we plan on doing this week.  Even if we have to call the whole town to repentance, we will.  We are going to get working (not that we haven't been working) just now we are going to be doing a different work.  Also we talked in District Council Meeting about just going and visiting members.  We will strengthen the relationship between the ward and the missionaries.  That is the plan and we are going to work, work, work, and work.  Sounds like fun!!

Thanks for all the love and support and prayers.  They really do help and will continue to help.  Remember if you don't have a missionary name badge on your chest you better paint one on or even better staple one onto your chest or use a nail gun.  I don't care, just get one on your chest!!!  Go bike with the missionaries for a day!  It will be fun!

Love you guys!!

Elder Ty M. Bowden

Monday, October 7, 2013

Amasaman 1 Here I Come!!!!

Well Folks...The results are in...I have been Transferred.  I have been transferred to a small little community called Amasaman. It is part of the Ofankor Ward and is part of the Tesano Stake. So it's nice I still get to see Elder Smith and Elder Anderson at Zone Activities and Zone Meetings. There is also another important thing about this transfer... I am now a Senior Companion. I am now responsible for a younger missionary than myself. 
     So now onto the details of the new area... As you can imagine it is different than my last area. In fact its way different. The area is very big and it is very far from the apartment. But that's nothing to me because we had 8 investigators at church on Sunday. So hopefully that doesn't become a problem. We have to bike to our area. Did I mention that the area is all dirt roads?  Ya well it is. So my shirts are about to get destroyed by dirt. 
     Now onto my companion...he is from Uganda. His name (which I sadly cannot yet pronounce) is Elder Kiwanuka. He is 21 years old and has been out on his mission for 3 months now. He is eager to contact and we will work on teaching in unity. So far in my mission it has been easy to teach because ALL of my companions have taught the same way, but I am eager to try new styles and what not...    The Ofankor District that I am in has 4 Elders and 4 Sisters. This is my first District with Sister Missionaries in it.
     The apartment is super nice. It is way bigger than my last apartment. It's almost a brand new apartment. It opened 3 transfers ago. I have been blessed to have very nice apartments. But I don't have to worry really about going to a bad one anymore. Sister Hill has a new standard for apartments for missionaries and is going to make sure they live in nice places. But back to the Amasaman apartment. I am excited to live here. I just wish I had a bigger bike. The one they have for me is not my size. I talked to the office couple and they said there is nothing I can really do about it.   So I will just have to bike standing up so I don't destroy my knees. 
  Now onto General Conference. I am currently downloading all of the sessions of it onto an SD card of mine.  It hopefully will be done soon. I just want everyone to listen to Elder Dube and Elder Vinson's talks. These two are the First and Second Counselors in the Africa West Area Presidency.  Also on a little side note...If you are smart, which all of you should be, you should know that I only have two General Conferences in Ghana left. If you are counting that way, I am half way done. But lets not count that way okay. Its not a nice image to put into some of our minds. Thanks. 
     Now, I apologize to those I have not replied to emails yet. Since I have become a Senior Companion I have to report to President Hill twice as much stuff as I had to do before. So I will just finish off here. Once again any questions feel free to let my mom know or shoot me an email. I will try to best answer them as possible. 

Ta Ta for now. 


Elder Bowden. 

PS... So how is it the Broncos blow out all these great teams but yet barely win to the Cowboys, who are 2-3 and are at the top of the NFC South!?!?! HUH??? Also how is it the Chiefs are 5-0???

I've said enough... Love ya!!!! :)

Monday, September 30, 2013

Homemade Rice Krispies!!


Ghana Accra Temple

Elder and Sister Vinson (Second Quorum of the Seventy) with Elder Bowden


Okay, so it seems as if I need to do some explaining...
     For all of you wondering who in the world Queen Mother is she is the Queen of an area out in the bush somewhere and is a member. She feeds the missionaries every Saturday night the best rice in the world with also the best chicken and soda too. 
Now...As you may, or may not know, but nevertheless you need to know...transfers are this week. Rumors are spreading and I have nothing to do with that... But anyways, there will be a new AP, ZL, and DL, 4 new apartments are being opened, and I have a feeling I am being transferred, but we will find out tomorrow...
     For those who want to know how the week went, well...I am going to fast forward to Tuesday, we had District Council Meeting. . . The End.  Fast Forward to Friday...I got to go on exchanges in Nsawam...I was really excited to go. I got to be with a "Greenie" as they call em...His name is Elder Valdez, from Salt Lake City. It was fun until we contacted this one group of 17 and 18 year olds... 
     WELL let me tell you how that went... 
     They stop us and wanted to know something new. WELL you wanna know what I told them, "GOD HAS A BODY!" ANNNNNNNND....what happens....long....very long....2 hours which yours truely comes out on top.  
     Few scriptures in the Bible... one was Genesis 32:30 Jacob sees God and lives...he tried debating that it was an Angel and I just was God an Angel...he was no...I said Jacob said he saw God...not an Angel...He argued Then I Boldly stated... So then you are saying that a Prophet of God lied in the Bible...SILENCED!!   Mathew 8:14   Peter was indeed married. So ya... I believe that most of the kids in the discussion were convinced and even wanted to meet with the missionaries again. The one not so much.  Elder Valdez texted me later that night asking for all the scriptures I had used. It took forever to send it. 
     NOW the best news of the entire week...we had a Baptism on Saturday!!! YAY!!! It was amazing to have one after so long... I will send pictures...
     Then you know the rest...QUEEN MOTHERS...that night and then sleep. Sunday was your typical Sunday. Go out and see people...
     I am grateful that this week was another good week. One of my best in the mission. We had 25+ lessons again this week and we enjoyed the blessing. 
     Now onto the last story for the week. I requested for some marshmallows...Well I made rice crispy treats with them. And they were amazing. SO SO SO Very GOOD!!! It was easy and only took like 7 minutes to make them. AWESOME!!!! 
     I am grateful for all of the prayers sent this way. Continue to pray for the mission to be blessed. A lot of good things are happening with many more to come. Just gotta stay faithful. 




Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy 6 Months To Me!!

This is Bowden One News...
Hello I am Elder Bowden,
In todays top story we have me, Elder Bowden, who has hit six months on his mission. Can you believe it! 6 months already? 
Now onto some Breaking News...I am getting fat...
Now onto a report of this week. 
In Tuesday's report we had a kick butt day. We taught 6 total lessons in a short time period of 5 hours. We had District Council Meeting at a different District (Zone Leader Stuff) then quickly arrived at our area.   At 6 we had Coordination and at 7 we WERE supposed to have PEC but Bishop didn't show up...oh well...
Onto Wednesday...Satan is now really crying . . . we had 7 amazing lessons and are starting to figure out how to work on things in our area. 
Thursday...We were suppose to go to the Temple Site with one of our investigators who we have been trying to help stop drinking.  We show up and he has gone out to...Drink......well played Satan.  But no matter, we taught 4 really good lessons and had a member present a lesson. 
Friday...Got back into things...I am telling you this week Satan really has suffered... ...we taught the guy who was drunk yesterday.  We told him we could go on Saturday to the Temple Site for the Open House that is going on and he agreed. He wants to change his life around but is so addicted to alcohol that he can't control it.   So we are trying to help him. 
Saturday...well, we did go to the temple...just not with our friend...he was feeling dizzy from not taking in any least he is not drinking.  We took a recent convert and it was pretty cool.  The Temple was really is beautiful...but is a tiny Temple...seriously  the stake center next to it is bigger than the Temple. But it is beautiful...NOW ONLY IF I COULD GO INSIDE!!!! No plans have been made for us to do a temple trip. I will ask President Hill today. As always we get the best FM in the world on Saturday nights at Queen Mothers...crazy to think that next Saturday could be my last Queen Mothers FM... 
Sunday...Church...Church is good. Always a wonderful time. Then we traveled to Tesano because Elder Smith had a meeting for the Tesano Zone with President Hill.
Well...Status Report...last week 16 total lessons...this week...31 total lessons... Satan is for sure crying like a little girl at this point. 
Needless to say this week was a very good week. We plan to have a just as good if not better week this week. We hope so.  We pray that we do. 
Well...I rained...again!!  Also today one of the wards had their open house so we all happily joined them and helped out with that. It was really fun to run around in the mud and rain. President Hill enjoyed it too. 
Well...thats all for this week. If I forgot anything then I guess you will have to wait till next week. By the way I am making my prediction for tonight's top story...Broncos 52 Raiders 17.  Ok well thanks for reading and we will see you next week on Bowden News. 
This is Elder Bowden signing out...


Elder Bowden