Monday, December 16, 2013

Picture Day!!!!

So Today is going to be a picture day. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Sorry no Popcorn. 

So me and Elder Morrison Enjoyed some fun making Pumpkins on Halloween. 

 My First Son: Elder Reeves.

From Washington State. 

20 years old.

As of now 2 months on Mission

YAY!!! ONLY 22 more to go!!!!

 Walking Home in the Dark. (Going Left to right: Elder Reeves, Elder Indimudia, Elder Saleh)

 Sunset at the Ofankor Chapel. 

Oh Christmas Tree!!!!

Oh Christmas Tree!!!!

 I don't know, just smile and put it on a Blog...Why Not?

 Now this one, in the Suit Coats, is the 1000th picture I've taken on this camera. Special Moment...

 Zone Training!!!!

Baptism on Saturday!!!! Every Ward in the Area had one person being baptized. HAPPY DAY!!!!!

So one of the Sister Missionaries is going home tomorrow. Sister Etifia from Nigeria. So...


 See Me Enjoying!!!! :)
So Yes...I Ejoyed A little Bit. :)

So now you have some pictures of me and the mission. This upcoming Saturday will be my 9th month in Ghana!!! So Lets PARTY!!!!!


I hope you enjoyed this weeks Blog. I know I did. I cannot wait to talk to you next week. So good luck, sleep tight, and I shall see you later!

Love, Elder Ty M. Bowden 

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