Monday, September 30, 2013

Homemade Rice Krispies!!


Ghana Accra Temple

Elder and Sister Vinson (Second Quorum of the Seventy) with Elder Bowden


Okay, so it seems as if I need to do some explaining...
     For all of you wondering who in the world Queen Mother is she is the Queen of an area out in the bush somewhere and is a member. She feeds the missionaries every Saturday night the best rice in the world with also the best chicken and soda too. 
Now...As you may, or may not know, but nevertheless you need to know...transfers are this week. Rumors are spreading and I have nothing to do with that... But anyways, there will be a new AP, ZL, and DL, 4 new apartments are being opened, and I have a feeling I am being transferred, but we will find out tomorrow...
     For those who want to know how the week went, well...I am going to fast forward to Tuesday, we had District Council Meeting. . . The End.  Fast Forward to Friday...I got to go on exchanges in Nsawam...I was really excited to go. I got to be with a "Greenie" as they call em...His name is Elder Valdez, from Salt Lake City. It was fun until we contacted this one group of 17 and 18 year olds... 
     WELL let me tell you how that went... 
     They stop us and wanted to know something new. WELL you wanna know what I told them, "GOD HAS A BODY!" ANNNNNNNND....what happens....long....very long....2 hours which yours truely comes out on top.  
     Few scriptures in the Bible... one was Genesis 32:30 Jacob sees God and lives...he tried debating that it was an Angel and I just was God an Angel...he was no...I said Jacob said he saw God...not an Angel...He argued Then I Boldly stated... So then you are saying that a Prophet of God lied in the Bible...SILENCED!!   Mathew 8:14   Peter was indeed married. So ya... I believe that most of the kids in the discussion were convinced and even wanted to meet with the missionaries again. The one not so much.  Elder Valdez texted me later that night asking for all the scriptures I had used. It took forever to send it. 
     NOW the best news of the entire week...we had a Baptism on Saturday!!! YAY!!! It was amazing to have one after so long... I will send pictures...
     Then you know the rest...QUEEN MOTHERS...that night and then sleep. Sunday was your typical Sunday. Go out and see people...
     I am grateful that this week was another good week. One of my best in the mission. We had 25+ lessons again this week and we enjoyed the blessing. 
     Now onto the last story for the week. I requested for some marshmallows...Well I made rice crispy treats with them. And they were amazing. SO SO SO Very GOOD!!! It was easy and only took like 7 minutes to make them. AWESOME!!!! 
     I am grateful for all of the prayers sent this way. Continue to pray for the mission to be blessed. A lot of good things are happening with many more to come. Just gotta stay faithful. 




Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy 6 Months To Me!!

This is Bowden One News...
Hello I am Elder Bowden,
In todays top story we have me, Elder Bowden, who has hit six months on his mission. Can you believe it! 6 months already? 
Now onto some Breaking News...I am getting fat...
Now onto a report of this week. 
In Tuesday's report we had a kick butt day. We taught 6 total lessons in a short time period of 5 hours. We had District Council Meeting at a different District (Zone Leader Stuff) then quickly arrived at our area.   At 6 we had Coordination and at 7 we WERE supposed to have PEC but Bishop didn't show up...oh well...
Onto Wednesday...Satan is now really crying . . . we had 7 amazing lessons and are starting to figure out how to work on things in our area. 
Thursday...We were suppose to go to the Temple Site with one of our investigators who we have been trying to help stop drinking.  We show up and he has gone out to...Drink......well played Satan.  But no matter, we taught 4 really good lessons and had a member present a lesson. 
Friday...Got back into things...I am telling you this week Satan really has suffered... ...we taught the guy who was drunk yesterday.  We told him we could go on Saturday to the Temple Site for the Open House that is going on and he agreed. He wants to change his life around but is so addicted to alcohol that he can't control it.   So we are trying to help him. 
Saturday...well, we did go to the temple...just not with our friend...he was feeling dizzy from not taking in any least he is not drinking.  We took a recent convert and it was pretty cool.  The Temple was really is beautiful...but is a tiny Temple...seriously  the stake center next to it is bigger than the Temple. But it is beautiful...NOW ONLY IF I COULD GO INSIDE!!!! No plans have been made for us to do a temple trip. I will ask President Hill today. As always we get the best FM in the world on Saturday nights at Queen Mothers...crazy to think that next Saturday could be my last Queen Mothers FM... 
Sunday...Church...Church is good. Always a wonderful time. Then we traveled to Tesano because Elder Smith had a meeting for the Tesano Zone with President Hill.
Well...Status Report...last week 16 total lessons...this week...31 total lessons... Satan is for sure crying like a little girl at this point. 
Needless to say this week was a very good week. We plan to have a just as good if not better week this week. We hope so.  We pray that we do. 
Well...I rained...again!!  Also today one of the wards had their open house so we all happily joined them and helped out with that. It was really fun to run around in the mud and rain. President Hill enjoyed it too. 
Well...thats all for this week. If I forgot anything then I guess you will have to wait till next week. By the way I am making my prediction for tonight's top story...Broncos 52 Raiders 17.  Ok well thanks for reading and we will see you next week on Bowden News. 
This is Elder Bowden signing out...


Elder Bowden

Monday, September 16, 2013

Greetings from Ghana

  So how about them Broncos destroying the Giants!?!? HUH? Heck ya!!! 2-0 baby!!! 
     Now onto business...This was one interesting week. First off, I have met 2 General Authorities in the past 2 weeks. I forgot to mention that on the P-day we all traveled to get our non-citizen cards at the area office and Elder Dube of the Seventy was there. Then on Friday the 13th I met Elder Vinson of the 2nd Quorum of the Seventy at a mission tour. (Details later on) So that was pretty exciting. 
     So this week was exactly like I predicted last week...I will explain. Well...Tuesday we spent half the day at Zone was very good however. However after that the whole zone, literally the whole zone, went to an American restaurant called Zoo Zoos. That took another 2 hours but was very good. Then we traveled back to my area (we are on exchanges at this point) and go and saw one person...then traveled all the way back to the chapel for Coordination and PEC. Then went home. 
     Wednesday and Thursday were normal days. Wednesday night we ran into a small problem that took 2+ hours to not even resolve. Lets just say I hate alcohol and its desire to destroy families. My spirits have been down a little since then and you who know me, that's not a good thing. Just pray for one of our families in Tantra Hills 1 area. They could really use the prayers. 
     Friday...MISSION TOUR!!! Awesome!!  Elder Vinson and his wife are amazing people. President and Sister Hill were there and spoke as well, then the APs, then Elder and Sister Vinson spoke. Powerful day. Elder Vinson is an amazing guy who just went by the spirit. By 3:00 we had finished and were heading back to good old Tantra Hills. When we got home we saw no one...
     Saturday...well, we went to another open house in the zone and spent a good deal of time there. It was fun to do that. I enjoy the open houses. Do a lot of good work at those. Traveled back and saw nobody... church...then you know it...Elders in Nsawam call and need an interview today!!!  WHAT!!!  Next thing I know we are on a TroTro heading to the Eastern Region town of Nsawam. Ok no big deal...we can make it back and see people. Get there, do the interview, and leave. Traffic is bad like always, but, it's ok we get back and teach nobody...again... 
     Monday, it rained today but has since stopped and is super hot again. No big deal. Pray that we see some people this week. 
     Nevertheless, yes things could be better, but, you just got to push forward. I need to put God first and my own desires second. I am realizing that I cannot do this without his help. I am trying to be the best missionary that I can be but sometimes I just forget that and want to do my own thing. But...I cannot do that. I just have to stay focused and be willing to change plans at an all of a sudden moment. 
     It is nice though to see all the different things that a Zone Leader has to do. It is teaching me although I might be struggling the Zone Leaders suffer more. They have so much weight on their shoulders it's not even funny. Interviews, meetings, other meetings, exchanges, etc...Man it is not easy to be a Zone Leader. 
     Well...It's been nice getting to talk to you. I hope you all enjoy the letter and I cannot wait to talk to you all next week. I love all of you so very much. 


Elder Bowden 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Greetings from Ghana

     Ok everyone, I am here.  Your favorite missionary in Ghana has returned for another awesome day of emailin.  So we had quite a slow week, but it went by fast.  Being companions with a Zone Leader is a lot different than being with a district leader of a regular missionary.  A Zone Leader has a load of stuff that he has to do, plus on top of that the Zone Leaders in our zone are split and are not in the same apartment.  That is rare.  The other Zone Leader has to come to our apartment with his companion every Sunday night to help do numbers and what not.  On top of that we have to travel to different parts of the area so we sometimes do not always have a chance in our own area. 
     For example this week, Sept 9-15th, we will only be in our area for a small time. Today is gone basically. FHE tonight doesn't really count...Tomorrow we have Zone Training (takes half the day), Coordination Meeting and PEC... then on top of that we are going on exchanges and I am going to have a brand new missionary following me around tomorrow. YAY!!!  Wednesday and Thursday...Full Day to Teach...Friday...We have a mission tour...Elder Vinson of the 2nd Quorum of the Seventy, who is also the 1st counselor in the Area Presidency. So that will be pretty exciting to look forward too. Then we have Saturday in which we have another areas open house. So we will be heading to that to help them. So there goes Saturday. Then Sunday and we will stay home and watch football since we all have satellite tv...oh wait that's YOU!!! GAH!!! I am crying right now...
     So last week? Tuesday we went out after District Council Meeting, then had coordination and PEC. Not really a successful day...Wednesday we did some contacting and had a better day, 5 lessons. Thursday we had a good day, 6 lessons, that was nice. And Friday, we traveled to Nsawam again. It was fun. 3 baptismal interviews so we had 6 total lessons but 3 were technically baptismal interviews but they count for us. Saturday...Saturday lets talk about Saturday can we? This was quite the interesting day. So Kweku, I will send pictures today, Kwek is one of our recent Converts that was baptized a few weeks ago but I forgot to tell you about. I will send pictures. But anyways, he stays with his grandpa and we see them quite often. Grandpa is not a member...yet... and on Saturday Kweku's grandpa was working on fixing the door handle on their front door. Well me and Elder Smith the handy men started to work on it thinking we can fix it fast and teach the grandfather then take Kweku out with us to teach people.   Well...3 hours later and a few bloody knuckles and a slightly crooked doorknob...we fixed it...  We then by that time had to go to Tesano because the Alajo area had their open house and we wanted to go help with theirs. It was a blast...from 4-7 we just kicked Satan .
     So yup...I heard BYU won and that the Broncos are the best and are going to win the Superbowl this year. 
     So the MTC care-package I did get, the other one is lost somewhere in someplace...hopefully you will get it back in 2-3 months. I am upset about my seminary scriptures being lost. Thats 4 great years of scripture reading. But the MTC care-package was awesome. I love the biking gloves so much. Ghanaians think they are weird but I don't care. My hands don't hurt anymore. I still suggest that you sent the Flat Rate Envelopes because they are faster to get here and cheaper too. Still fit a ton of stuff in them. 
     Ok so question and answer time,
1. Sister Missionaries? Yes we have sister missionaries who are a great blessing. They come from all African countries. 
2. Wildlife? Monkeys sometime, chickens, goats, sheep, pigs just roaming free. Elder Anderson killed a baby chicken by accident during the open house. Stepped on it. 
3. Organ? NO, Keyboard. 88 keys and 3 settings. So it's ok. 
OK! Well I am off. I hope to hear from more of you next week. If you have questions you want answered send them my way!!!


Elder Bowden 

Friday, September 6, 2013

In a Rush

So I can't really talk much today because we have to go to the area office because Ghana passed a new law stating that if you do not live in Ghana you have to get an ID so I am going there right after I send this to you.

Story:  we went to an open house this week.  President Hill wants each ward in the mission to do an open house and everyone in the zone comes and helps the ward bring investigators to the building where we show them around.  There are displays about what the church is all about.  Well, President Hill counts as a missionary and what was he doing?  Running all over the place stopping people and trying to get people to come in.  The 18-27 year olds were doing a fine job, then you got President Hill bringing in twice the amount that we as a whole group were.  We were all stunned.  It was super fun and a learning experience.  I really enjoyed it and I am excited for the next one in our zone.

We did have a baptism this week and I was able to baptize him! :) We hopefully will have a lot more in the upcoming weeks.  I am sorry this couldn't be longer.  We are super busy today.  Thank you for all your love and prayers.  I hope to have a long letter next week.  Take care and I will see you all next week.

Elder Ty M. Bowden