Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy 6 Months To Me!!

This is Bowden One News...
Hello I am Elder Bowden,
In todays top story we have me, Elder Bowden, who has hit six months on his mission. Can you believe it! 6 months already? 
Now onto some Breaking News...I am getting fat...
Now onto a report of this week. 
In Tuesday's report we had a kick butt day. We taught 6 total lessons in a short time period of 5 hours. We had District Council Meeting at a different District (Zone Leader Stuff) then quickly arrived at our area.   At 6 we had Coordination and at 7 we WERE supposed to have PEC but Bishop didn't show up...oh well...
Onto Wednesday...Satan is now really crying . . . we had 7 amazing lessons and are starting to figure out how to work on things in our area. 
Thursday...We were suppose to go to the Temple Site with one of our investigators who we have been trying to help stop drinking.  We show up and he has gone out to...Drink......well played Satan.  But no matter, we taught 4 really good lessons and had a member present a lesson. 
Friday...Got back into things...I am telling you this week Satan really has suffered... ...we taught the guy who was drunk yesterday.  We told him we could go on Saturday to the Temple Site for the Open House that is going on and he agreed. He wants to change his life around but is so addicted to alcohol that he can't control it.   So we are trying to help him. 
Saturday...well, we did go to the temple...just not with our friend...he was feeling dizzy from not taking in any least he is not drinking.  We took a recent convert and it was pretty cool.  The Temple was really is beautiful...but is a tiny Temple...seriously  the stake center next to it is bigger than the Temple. But it is beautiful...NOW ONLY IF I COULD GO INSIDE!!!! No plans have been made for us to do a temple trip. I will ask President Hill today. As always we get the best FM in the world on Saturday nights at Queen Mothers...crazy to think that next Saturday could be my last Queen Mothers FM... 
Sunday...Church...Church is good. Always a wonderful time. Then we traveled to Tesano because Elder Smith had a meeting for the Tesano Zone with President Hill.
Well...Status Report...last week 16 total lessons...this week...31 total lessons... Satan is for sure crying like a little girl at this point. 
Needless to say this week was a very good week. We plan to have a just as good if not better week this week. We hope so.  We pray that we do. 
Well...I rained...again!!  Also today one of the wards had their open house so we all happily joined them and helped out with that. It was really fun to run around in the mud and rain. President Hill enjoyed it too. 
Well...thats all for this week. If I forgot anything then I guess you will have to wait till next week. By the way I am making my prediction for tonight's top story...Broncos 52 Raiders 17.  Ok well thanks for reading and we will see you next week on Bowden News. 
This is Elder Bowden signing out...


Elder Bowden

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