Monday, January 27, 2014

Greetings from Ghana

Well, it seems like every time I try to write a long email, something always comes up. This week the internet crashed. So now it's back and we can start our discussion. So how was this week?  Normal like usual. No baptisms for the month of January,  but we got in a lot of teaching and trying to strengthen new members of the ward. 
     Fun news about this week. On Thursday, Elder Bednar will be coming to meet all the missionaries of the Ghana Accra & Accra West Mission! This is BIG!!!! AN Apostle is coming to visit us! YAY!!!! Next week I will send you a photo of that! Hopefully I get a picture with him. (Mom put it on Facebook if I do). So ya fun stuff is heading our way. Also Elder Dube will be coming to our Mission in February to do a mission tour. So plenty of people in high places will be visiting me & company.
     So now, transfers are a week from Wednesday. Crazy because I have been here in Amasaman for 4 and a 1/2 months so who knows if I will stay or be banished to another area! So I know that where ever they throw me is where they need me.
     I just wanna send a shot out to one Elder. Elder Smith, who sadly is being transferred next week to his family and the real world. It is super sad. A hero to the missionary work is finishing his mission and will go being known as one of THE best in the mission. 
     We had one investigator come to church this week. He has come 2 other times but the past 2 weeks he didn't. But now he is back so we are going to work really hard on helping him prepare for the 15th of Feb for his baptism.  Either me or Elder Reeves will be in the area (hopefully me) to see that through. 
     Well, I guess that is all for this week. Next time I am here I will know if I am staying or being banished else where. (That is my new joke about transfers is that they are banishments).  It makes it seem like an adventure, trying to work hard while in banishment. LOL. OK  BYE BYE!!!!
Love, Elder Bowden

Monday, January 20, 2014

Another Photo Week

 So this first photo is me. DUH! Me enjoying my Zone T-shirt. Nice shirt. My name is on the back! COOL!

So these two are of the apartment at a members home. This is the home of the First Counselor in the Ghana Accra West Mission Presidency. He lives in our ward. Very nice guy. 

 Elder Smith, He goes home in two weeks. Please lets have a moment of silence for this hero. He is truly one of the best in the mission. It will be sad to lose him. 

Pure Water.

So some of you have been wondering what we do for drinking clean water around these parts. Well, as you can see in this picture, this is called Pure Water. It comes in 500ml and is anything BUT pure. How it works is, just take a zip lock baggie and put water in it, seal it, bite a corner off of it, and then drink the water. The first few seconds is when you notice if it tastes weird or not. Nevertheless it is cleaner then drinking out of the tap. It sometimes can be good (like the one in the photo) or not so very good. Just depends on where you get it from. 
Behold, Pure Water...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Greetings from Ghana!

Good to see you all again!  I am sorry that last week I was a bad boy.  I will repent this week.  It is all ready January 13!  The month is almost over.  This week begins week 4 of the transfer.  It is sad to think that in 2 1/2 weeks Elder Smith is going home.  He is a good friend and a great missionary.  It is sad to see him go.

Today was fun.  I got to go shopping, but failed at getting the big thing I needed (hair clippers), but got some shoe polish and other small items.  This week was good.  We did better in our contacting which helped with our new investigators.  We can always improve and there is always room to improve. It is just a matter of taking the weakest parts and trying to make them strong and then working from there.  We are doing better in our contacting.  Now we are working on going back and seeing them again.

Tonight we are going to do a FHE.  I am excited I get to go do that.  I only get to chat with my family for 30 minutes today, but the work is more important now.  I love getting to chat with my family and every second is beautiful to me.

Time to go.  I love all the letters and cards and packages that I have received.  So many people have been so kind to send me something to help me get through the holiday season.  It really makes me think of how blessed I am.  Thank you!!  See ya next week

Elder Ty M. Bowden