Monday, August 26, 2013

My Kpone Non-Companion on Transfer Day

The Three Musketeers from Tantra Hills

Nsawam Area

Hilarious Photos of Elders

August Rush

 So...This week was once again crazy...
     Lets start with where we left off on Monday...the three of us are enjoying just relaxing in the apartment and what not.
     Tuesday - We go to district council meeting and find out transfer news. The news is that I would be staying in Tantra Hills 1...New area...and a new companion. Also Elder Anderson is training so a brand new missionary joined us on Wednesday. So after the meeting we go to Zoo Zoos which is a restaurant that makes American food. It is amazing!!! Two cheeseburgers with fries!!! Sadly no photos...but I am sending pictures of other stuff. 
     Wednesday we traveled to Tesano to get my new companion! His name is Elder Smith (Not related to the Prophet:) He has been on his mission for 18 months.  He is the Zone Leader  He is pretty sweet. He is "correct" which is a term which means that he obeys all the rules to the T. He is a way awesome dude and fun to work with. 
     So because of everything thats happened I got transfered bedrooms and me and Elder Smith are opening a new area with 5 total investigators in our teaching pool. So we have to open a new area and basically go and find new investigators since we have no idea who Elder Ralph and Elder Essien were teaching. 
     Thursday and Friday were basically learning the area.  So it's sweet. Elder Smith is helping me out a ton. 
     Since Elder Smith is a Zone Leader he is in charge of a big group of missionaries. There are regular missionaries (Jr and Sr companions) and then there are District Leaders who are in charge of 4-10 missionaries. District Leaders do baptismal interviews within the district. However, if a District Leader needs a baptismal interview he calls the Zone Leader to do it for him.  Well that means we got to go up to Nsawam (N Saw wam) on Saturday because Elder Kelly (District Leader of Nsawam) needed two interviews! YAY!!! All day trip. Nsawam is in the bush...but it is in the Tesano Zone nevertheless so we got to travel for two hours to Nsawam. Then we got to spend 7 hours in Nsawam...ya...tell me about it...but one of the members fed us a nice plate of rice and stew. It was good. Then we traveled home to Tantra Hills for our weekly FM at Queen Mothers...I am not sure if I have told you about her...if not I will tell you next week. 
    Sunday we had was nice...we then had a baptism!!! The new missionary with Elder Anderson got to baptize him! He was so excited and nervous all at the same time but it was amazing. After that because I am with the Zone Leader I traveled to Tesano for a meeting with the Stake President. So we met the other Zone Leader and his companion and the two Zone Leaders went to the meeting and I hung out with Elder Nielsen  He is from Las Vegas (no he doesn't know the Bowdens in Vegas).  
     Once they were done we all traveled to Tantra Hills because the other Zone Leader just became a Zone Leader and didn't know how to do numbers so Elder Smith helped him out...that was a 4 hour experience. So like I said 4 hour experience so we called the Office Elders to come and pick the two elders up to take them home and their attire was hilarious. (Please put the pictures on the blog) it was truly a sight to see.  Then again it was 10 in the evening. LOL!  Elder Anderson cooked brownies in the microwave which was awesome. If anyone would like to send brownies or cake mix or any sorta goodie that goes in the microwave I will give you a bigger hug when I come home. 
     Speaking of coming home! I hit my 5 months mark last week. Awesome! I cannot believe it has been 5 months. Seems like only yesterday I arrived at the MTC. 
     And now today. We played Basketball today which was super fun. The APs, and everyone in the District was there. Epic games of basketball went down. I am tired now. So I am going to go home and sleep. Enjoy the rest of your week and stay tuned for another amazing episode of "How Ghana is going part ???"

LOVE ELDER BOWDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013


Crazy Week

Well . . . this week to say the least has been very interesting.  We shall start off with Monday.  After I get off  the computer, Elder Anderson and I go home, rest, and go out proselyting.  While doing so President Hill calls Elder Anderson to train.  YAY! Because me and Elder Anderson were trained by the same "Father" that makes us "Brothers" so I get a "Nephew" on Wednesday.  Fun!!  I am super excited about that.

We get home and Elder Ralph is there, all alone.  We ask, where is your companion? Then we go out on a quest to find him.  50 minutes later, he calls and we go pick him up from a recent converts house and we all go home.  Tuesday we have District Council Meeting.  Wednesday, things are peachy.  Thursday, the APs show up and now we are in a three some.  Me, Elder Anderson, and Elder Ralph are in Tantra Hills until Wednesday when transfers happen.

Saturday was the All Africa Mormon Helping Hands.  It was a blast to go and weed part of Ghana.  It was a ton of fun.  This guy in another ward took pictures of me working because he said he never thought he would see the day that he saw a white man working.  LOL.  After the service project, the three of us traveled to the Elders Quorum President's home for FUFU!!!  YUM!!!  Then we went to another meal of rick and chicken.  YAY!!

SO that was my week.  Probably on transfer day I will stay and Elder Ralph will leave.  I don't know but that is what I believe will happen.  I hope you all had a great week.  I enjoy the hand written letters that some of you have sent me and I have enjoyed reading them over and over again.

Enjoy this week and I will see you neve week.


Elder Ty M. Bowden  :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Greetings from Ghana!!!

This week went by too fast.  Crazy!  It seems like only yesterday I was emailing you about Ghana.  It's sweet here.  We have been having good success.  We did find out however that we've been going into a completely different area in our mission.  Different zone even!  So we lost some people sadly, but we will refer them to the other missionaries and go back to work in our actual area.

Things are going great though.  We are eating more fruits, which is nice.  Elder Anderson is working out more.  I am working out by watching him while I eat cookies.  JOKE!!

So my mom wants to know how many people me and Elder Anderson are teaching right now.  In our small pool of people we have around 8.  Six with dates for August and two are progressing towards the end of August hopefully.  We are walking and biking . . . it depends on the day, but mostly we walk which I like better.  Another question is how much contacting do we do?  More than my last area, around 20-30 people more.  Transfers are on the 21st of August.

SO there is that.  I am happy that I was able to see all of your emails today.  Sadly the internet cafe is super slow so I will not be able to email anyone but my mommy and chat with my daddy this week.  So next week.  Sorry I wish I could but it takes about 5 minutes to even open one email.  So hold on, fast and pray, and next week will be here before you know it.

Love you all super much!!

Elder Ty M. Bowden