Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 366

How do I best say this,                                                                                
The count down is on. I hope you know.                                                        
PEOPLE!!!! If you thought that you were safe, your not, in fact, your in danger.... look at the title...three hundred and sixty six days...till your nightmares, become a reality... That is a joke. That is a joke.

So, you might be wondering...What the heck is going on in Africa? I will tell you, not much, people aren't home, phones are off, and no one is feeding us, unless it's FIRE!...(long story)...

Also, when you discover that you scratch your head, and think, what the heck is happening, why is this? In the mix of this war of nothingness, you think, what is to be done, what of all the options is correct. I was one day, pondering, thinking of what to do, when...I came across nothing.


Nevertheless, we went to work. This week was alright for us. We had four people at church on Sunday. We were able to have a solid week and from our labors we were able to gain some good ground.

Azuma: she has come more then 6 times, and just needs to be taught everything. She is nice.
Cobina: Not quite all right up there...if you know what i mean. But he has also come more then 6 times. He has been a dropped investigator a few times. who knows, maybe this time he will be solid.
Wisdom: Is a guy that me and Elder Serassio contacted a while back, been teaching him, came once, missed two weeks, and has returned, hopefully we can have him baptized soon. He is ready. Been taught everything.
Joseph: I contacted him on Friday, told him to come and he did,

So there is one more thing i would like to talk about.

This is an amazing talk. If you don't know it already, learn it. You need to know it. This is one out of a million proofs that this is the only true church on the earth.

Ok. So that is all for today.  I Love you, and hope all is going well for you.
Take care,
Your the Best,
Awesome People
Are you still here...?


Elder Ty M. Bowden

also if your looking for more...

there is...

Stop It.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Half Way There!!!! Oh Oh, Living on a Prayer!!!

Sorry, but today I have just been enjoying time chatting with my mom and dad. I don't get to do that a lot, plus emailing the Mission President and an email about the entire district isn't easy. So next week I promise to do a lot better with the emails.

Good note this past week I hit one year on my Mission. That is wonderful. Now I have till 1 April 2015 to serve then I am going to be home with you people. Sweet oh! So exciting. Till then I am here serving the Lord the best way I possibly can.

So now I have a cool video to show you.

I love this video! So cool.

Well, sadly time is about up. I must be off to have a drink with a Ghanaian. Toodles!


Elder Ty M. Bowden the VIII


Monday, March 17, 2014

Baptism, District Leader, and Pictures!

Well, I would like you all to look at the top of the blog can see that there is a button that says Pictures... Just take a quick look at that and tell me what you think.

5 minutes later...

Ok so now you can see that I am starting a new thing. Rather than post them in the main part of the blog and then they get lost 5 weeks later on another random page, I am putting them all on one page. So now you can just enjoy pictures every week. Cool!

Now, No new address this week. I think it will stick. Thank you for all of those who send me letters. Letters are so wonderful to read. I need to work better on responding to them, but I promise I will.

Interestingly enough, Zenabu was baptized on Sunday! YAY!!! That was a wonderful experience to see. She was so happy and loved every single moment of it. She totally felt the spirit. I was the lucky one who got to baptize her! Awesome experience for both of us.


Also in other news...and as you can see in the Title of this weeks Blog, I have been called to be District Leader of the Lartebiokoshie District. So now I am the DL of seven other missionaries. That is going to be a crazy new adventure. I am excited and a bit nervous about it. Nevertheless we will press forward and strive to make this District one of the best in the mission. (some candy to keep me alive would be nice) ;)

Because I am becoming a District Leader, that means that transfers are also coming up on Wednesday. Sadly the Dream Team is being separated. Elder Serassio is being transferred to Nsawam to be a Senior Companion. He is so excited for that and I am too. It is the area he has been dreaming and praying to be sent to so God has answered his prayer for that. 

So that is about it for this week. Love you all so very much. 
Take care until next week. 


Elder Ty M. Bowden
District Leader
Lartebiokoshie District
Kaneshie Zone
Ghana Accra West Mission

Monday, March 10, 2014

Lots of Goodness.

OK...SO third times the charm it seems. The new Mission Address is officially this:

Elder Ty M. Bowden
Ghana Accra West Mission
PMB  CT 209
West Africa

Sorry for this once again. But this is the OFFICIAL address. I believe there will be no more changes to this. I hope.

This week was a very good interesting week to say the least. I don't even know how to describe this week.
We had one investigator come to church this week. His name is Francis. He is a small boy who is being brought by a member. His mother is the problem. Since he was already baptized in his mothers church she says that there is no need for him to be baptized. However, we all know differently.

Zenabu did not come to Church this Sunday. :( The last two weeks we have picked her. Which I feel when we pick investigators it takes away their agency. I want to see if they are willing to come on their own. She didn't come, but she didn't go to her church either. She knows that the church is true, but needs help coming to Church. I think this Sunday we will have a member pick her.

I have a great story to share. This week. Well, on Wednesday it was Elder Pietsch's 22 birthday. So we all went to dinner. It involved all eight of us getting into a five man taxi. YES!!! Eight Missionaries crammed into a five man (four passenger) taxi! OH YA!!!! It was awesome! I forgot my card reader today so next time I will send pictures of the adventure.

This was a interesting week. We had a lot of stuff happen that just made this week crazy.

On Thursday it rained almost all day. Which canceled almost all of our day.

Saturday we had a morning adventure cleaning out the church. The primary from the two wards did the cleaning, and Me and Elder Serassio took Zenabu's children. FOUR hours later we finish. Ya...that was bad. But on the bright side the Primary Presidency gave us free food! YAY!!!! WE missionaries love free food.

That was one out of Two member meals that we had on Saturday. The other was a Giant District family meal. All the Missionaries in the District traveled to the First Councelor in the Bishopbrics home and enjoyed some very nice rice and stew and chicken and salad. Oh man it was so stinking nice I about cried. One of my favorite meals so far in the Eleven months I have been in Ghana.

Speaking of Eleven Months. . . Well. . . You know what happens after Eleven Months. HE HE HE...

Well, that is about it for today. Thanks for being the best fans in the world. I will hope to hear from you soon.



Monday, March 3, 2014

Greetings from Ghana With Water

So just in case you missed out on last weeks email, the post office has been changed for the mission.  It is now

Elder Ty M. Bowden
Ghana Accra West Mission
PMB  CT 209
West Africa

Make sure there is a space in between PMB and CT.  Also all mail will now go to this address.  So hopefully that means more letters from you? And packages?

We had a most successful week.  We had six wonderful investigators at Church.  I am happy that we have been doing well these past few weeks.  Success in not measured in numbers however.  You know how I feel about numbers and I just work to work.  Get the job done, you could say.  I feel if you work this way that you will be able to lose yourself more in the work and not worry about what people expect of you, but what you expect of yourself.

These are the six people we had at Church:
Zenabu: Mid-aged woman who is going to one of those crazy singing and dancing churches.  She has invited us to come and visit her church.  She has come to church twice and she is starting to realize that her church isn't true and that ours is.  She knows it is true but is not ready to accept it yet.  Hopefully she will be ready by the 16th of March.  She is really progressing.

Angel, Angela, and Annabel:  Zenabu's three wonderful daughters.  Angel is 10, Angela is 8, and Annabel is 5.  We are going to watch the Joesph Smith movie with them this week and teach them the rest of the lessons.  Hopefully they will be ready by the 16th of March (Annabel hopefully sometime in 2017).  They love Primary.  The ward provided snacks for all the children yesterday and they enjoyed that.  Angel after Church grabbed my sleeve and begged us to pick them up again next week.

Wonder:  This man is ready!!  He has a strong desire to change.  When we first met him he sdai the he had heard about the Book of Mormon and the Church before, but wasn't quite sure about anything other than that.  He came to Church yesterday and that was his first time.  He is excited to be baptized on the 16th of March because he really wants to become a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood and be able to baptize his family (once we start to teach them)

Martin:  A guy who is doubting his faith.  He know that it is true.  He has friends however who say other things.  So he is just trying to work out his doubts now.  He is extremely busy, but found time for us to visit with him on Saturday with the Elders Quorum President.  It went very well and he came to church for the first hour.  He was going to be busy after that so he had to go.

So life is good!


So yup, there you go.  Hope this will satisfy you for the week.  Sorry this isn't a really super duper long email.  I was busy with other stuff today.  So we will see you next week.

Elder Bowden