Monday, March 3, 2014

Greetings from Ghana With Water

So just in case you missed out on last weeks email, the post office has been changed for the mission.  It is now

Elder Ty M. Bowden
Ghana Accra West Mission
PMB  CT 209
West Africa

Make sure there is a space in between PMB and CT.  Also all mail will now go to this address.  So hopefully that means more letters from you? And packages?

We had a most successful week.  We had six wonderful investigators at Church.  I am happy that we have been doing well these past few weeks.  Success in not measured in numbers however.  You know how I feel about numbers and I just work to work.  Get the job done, you could say.  I feel if you work this way that you will be able to lose yourself more in the work and not worry about what people expect of you, but what you expect of yourself.

These are the six people we had at Church:
Zenabu: Mid-aged woman who is going to one of those crazy singing and dancing churches.  She has invited us to come and visit her church.  She has come to church twice and she is starting to realize that her church isn't true and that ours is.  She knows it is true but is not ready to accept it yet.  Hopefully she will be ready by the 16th of March.  She is really progressing.

Angel, Angela, and Annabel:  Zenabu's three wonderful daughters.  Angel is 10, Angela is 8, and Annabel is 5.  We are going to watch the Joesph Smith movie with them this week and teach them the rest of the lessons.  Hopefully they will be ready by the 16th of March (Annabel hopefully sometime in 2017).  They love Primary.  The ward provided snacks for all the children yesterday and they enjoyed that.  Angel after Church grabbed my sleeve and begged us to pick them up again next week.

Wonder:  This man is ready!!  He has a strong desire to change.  When we first met him he sdai the he had heard about the Book of Mormon and the Church before, but wasn't quite sure about anything other than that.  He came to Church yesterday and that was his first time.  He is excited to be baptized on the 16th of March because he really wants to become a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood and be able to baptize his family (once we start to teach them)

Martin:  A guy who is doubting his faith.  He know that it is true.  He has friends however who say other things.  So he is just trying to work out his doubts now.  He is extremely busy, but found time for us to visit with him on Saturday with the Elders Quorum President.  It went very well and he came to church for the first hour.  He was going to be busy after that so he had to go.

So life is good!


So yup, there you go.  Hope this will satisfy you for the week.  Sorry this isn't a really super duper long email.  I was busy with other stuff today.  So we will see you next week.

Elder Bowden

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