Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 366

How do I best say this,                                                                                
The count down is on. I hope you know.                                                        
PEOPLE!!!! If you thought that you were safe, your not, in fact, your in danger.... look at the title...three hundred and sixty six days...till your nightmares, become a reality... That is a joke. That is a joke.

So, you might be wondering...What the heck is going on in Africa? I will tell you, not much, people aren't home, phones are off, and no one is feeding us, unless it's FIRE!...(long story)...

Also, when you discover that you scratch your head, and think, what the heck is happening, why is this? In the mix of this war of nothingness, you think, what is to be done, what of all the options is correct. I was one day, pondering, thinking of what to do, when...I came across nothing.


Nevertheless, we went to work. This week was alright for us. We had four people at church on Sunday. We were able to have a solid week and from our labors we were able to gain some good ground.

Azuma: she has come more then 6 times, and just needs to be taught everything. She is nice.
Cobina: Not quite all right up there...if you know what i mean. But he has also come more then 6 times. He has been a dropped investigator a few times. who knows, maybe this time he will be solid.
Wisdom: Is a guy that me and Elder Serassio contacted a while back, been teaching him, came once, missed two weeks, and has returned, hopefully we can have him baptized soon. He is ready. Been taught everything.
Joseph: I contacted him on Friday, told him to come and he did,

So there is one more thing i would like to talk about.

This is an amazing talk. If you don't know it already, learn it. You need to know it. This is one out of a million proofs that this is the only true church on the earth.

Ok. So that is all for today.  I Love you, and hope all is going well for you.
Take care,
Your the Best,
Awesome People
Are you still here...?


Elder Ty M. Bowden

also if your looking for more...

there is...

Stop It.

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