Monday, April 7, 2014

T-Minus 359 days...

This has been a very interesting week. I don't quite know how to explain it all. Perhaps I could do it best by talking about things that happened this week and go off of that.

I got to go to a meeting this past week called MLC, Missionary Leadership Council. Usually it is just between the Mission President, APs, Zone Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders. But they asked the District Leaders to attend a portion of the meeting.  I went to the Temple Grounds in Accra and had a four hour long meeting with President Hill and the leaders of the Accra West Mission. It was a very interesting meeting and was good to go to see the Temple. That was the nice part of my week.

This is just a very interesting period in my mission. I could really use your prayers at this time. I need them more then ever before. I love you all so very much. We are doing alright here. Just frustrating to see people disobedient all around me. Not quite what I was expecting in our apartment.

No worries. We will press forward. Just need to forget the problems and try to work around them.
Love you guys so very much. Sorry, but the time is cut short today. Been very busy downloading General Conference and talking to family. I am super excited to listen to conference. So hopefully it works. Pray that it does.


Elder Bowden

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