Monday, March 17, 2014

Baptism, District Leader, and Pictures!

Well, I would like you all to look at the top of the blog can see that there is a button that says Pictures... Just take a quick look at that and tell me what you think.

5 minutes later...

Ok so now you can see that I am starting a new thing. Rather than post them in the main part of the blog and then they get lost 5 weeks later on another random page, I am putting them all on one page. So now you can just enjoy pictures every week. Cool!

Now, No new address this week. I think it will stick. Thank you for all of those who send me letters. Letters are so wonderful to read. I need to work better on responding to them, but I promise I will.

Interestingly enough, Zenabu was baptized on Sunday! YAY!!! That was a wonderful experience to see. She was so happy and loved every single moment of it. She totally felt the spirit. I was the lucky one who got to baptize her! Awesome experience for both of us.


Also in other news...and as you can see in the Title of this weeks Blog, I have been called to be District Leader of the Lartebiokoshie District. So now I am the DL of seven other missionaries. That is going to be a crazy new adventure. I am excited and a bit nervous about it. Nevertheless we will press forward and strive to make this District one of the best in the mission. (some candy to keep me alive would be nice) ;)

Because I am becoming a District Leader, that means that transfers are also coming up on Wednesday. Sadly the Dream Team is being separated. Elder Serassio is being transferred to Nsawam to be a Senior Companion. He is so excited for that and I am too. It is the area he has been dreaming and praying to be sent to so God has answered his prayer for that. 

So that is about it for this week. Love you all so very much. 
Take care until next week. 


Elder Ty M. Bowden
District Leader
Lartebiokoshie District
Kaneshie Zone
Ghana Accra West Mission

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