Friday, September 6, 2013

In a Rush

So I can't really talk much today because we have to go to the area office because Ghana passed a new law stating that if you do not live in Ghana you have to get an ID so I am going there right after I send this to you.

Story:  we went to an open house this week.  President Hill wants each ward in the mission to do an open house and everyone in the zone comes and helps the ward bring investigators to the building where we show them around.  There are displays about what the church is all about.  Well, President Hill counts as a missionary and what was he doing?  Running all over the place stopping people and trying to get people to come in.  The 18-27 year olds were doing a fine job, then you got President Hill bringing in twice the amount that we as a whole group were.  We were all stunned.  It was super fun and a learning experience.  I really enjoyed it and I am excited for the next one in our zone.

We did have a baptism this week and I was able to baptize him! :) We hopefully will have a lot more in the upcoming weeks.  I am sorry this couldn't be longer.  We are super busy today.  Thank you for all your love and prayers.  I hope to have a long letter next week.  Take care and I will see you all next week.

Elder Ty M. Bowden

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