Monday, September 16, 2013

Greetings from Ghana

  So how about them Broncos destroying the Giants!?!? HUH? Heck ya!!! 2-0 baby!!! 
     Now onto business...This was one interesting week. First off, I have met 2 General Authorities in the past 2 weeks. I forgot to mention that on the P-day we all traveled to get our non-citizen cards at the area office and Elder Dube of the Seventy was there. Then on Friday the 13th I met Elder Vinson of the 2nd Quorum of the Seventy at a mission tour. (Details later on) So that was pretty exciting. 
     So this week was exactly like I predicted last week...I will explain. Well...Tuesday we spent half the day at Zone was very good however. However after that the whole zone, literally the whole zone, went to an American restaurant called Zoo Zoos. That took another 2 hours but was very good. Then we traveled back to my area (we are on exchanges at this point) and go and saw one person...then traveled all the way back to the chapel for Coordination and PEC. Then went home. 
     Wednesday and Thursday were normal days. Wednesday night we ran into a small problem that took 2+ hours to not even resolve. Lets just say I hate alcohol and its desire to destroy families. My spirits have been down a little since then and you who know me, that's not a good thing. Just pray for one of our families in Tantra Hills 1 area. They could really use the prayers. 
     Friday...MISSION TOUR!!! Awesome!!  Elder Vinson and his wife are amazing people. President and Sister Hill were there and spoke as well, then the APs, then Elder and Sister Vinson spoke. Powerful day. Elder Vinson is an amazing guy who just went by the spirit. By 3:00 we had finished and were heading back to good old Tantra Hills. When we got home we saw no one...
     Saturday...well, we went to another open house in the zone and spent a good deal of time there. It was fun to do that. I enjoy the open houses. Do a lot of good work at those. Traveled back and saw nobody... church...then you know it...Elders in Nsawam call and need an interview today!!!  WHAT!!!  Next thing I know we are on a TroTro heading to the Eastern Region town of Nsawam. Ok no big deal...we can make it back and see people. Get there, do the interview, and leave. Traffic is bad like always, but, it's ok we get back and teach nobody...again... 
     Monday, it rained today but has since stopped and is super hot again. No big deal. Pray that we see some people this week. 
     Nevertheless, yes things could be better, but, you just got to push forward. I need to put God first and my own desires second. I am realizing that I cannot do this without his help. I am trying to be the best missionary that I can be but sometimes I just forget that and want to do my own thing. But...I cannot do that. I just have to stay focused and be willing to change plans at an all of a sudden moment. 
     It is nice though to see all the different things that a Zone Leader has to do. It is teaching me although I might be struggling the Zone Leaders suffer more. They have so much weight on their shoulders it's not even funny. Interviews, meetings, other meetings, exchanges, etc...Man it is not easy to be a Zone Leader. 
     Well...It's been nice getting to talk to you. I hope you all enjoy the letter and I cannot wait to talk to you all next week. I love all of you so very much. 


Elder Bowden 

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