Monday, December 2, 2013

Greetings from Ghana!!!!

   Well, this week is another week gone. As time passes by here so do the days and so much for me paying attention because I completely forgot that Thanksgiving was this past Thursday. I thought it was two weeks ago. Shows how much I know. 
     Yesterday in Church we only sang one Christmas hymn and that was only because someone complained that there wasn't a Christmas hymn on the program, so they changed it. Speaking of yesterday, Church was interesting, very interesting. It was fast and testimony meeting and well...there were some very interesting testimonies given. It was so bad that our guest visitor, Elder Vinson of the Seventy, got up and finished the Sacrament meeting. AWKWARD. . . Other than that, Sunday was very nice. Elder Vinson took control of Priesthood and we talked about how the ward needs to be more supportive of the missionaries and how Bishop and the leaders need to go out more and call more ward missionaries. 
     I want to talk about today!!!! I BOUGHT A CHRISTMAS TREE!!!! YA ME!!!!! So tonight we are going to set it up and put all the decorations and what not on it. Hopefully we bought enough supplies. Where I bought it at had actual trees with the whole shabang but they were 185 ghana cedis. I spent no more than 130 on this tree and supplies. Thats right. So I will let you all know how it looks next week. 
     Sorry this is so short this week but I have only a small time today because of said tree. I love you and I am still alive. It's christmas time so remember the missionaries who are away from their families.
I love you all so so so very much.
Elder Ty M. Bowden 

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