Monday, October 28, 2013

A Fight in the Cafe'

  So if this email is super short today, it is because there is currently a fight in the cafe'. They have mostly resolved it but if they bring it back inside I will most likely leave or find shelter until they grow up.

     But now onto this week. WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!! YAY!!!!!  It was wonderful. My first full convert since coming here to Amasaman. He is 66 years old and has read (since the first Sunday I arrived here) from the introduction of the Book of Mormon all the way to Alma 48...Yes this guy is amazing. I love him to death.

    *The guys fighting left but have since returned with knives and have left just again. 

     This week was good. We are improving the area small by small. The interesting thing is that the area just increased from 4 Elders to 6 Elders. That is big and exciting news. Sadly one of the Elders who was with me at the MTC is super sick right now and might be sent home if he doesn't start drinking more water. He is from Kenya and is a super cool guy. He needs to drink and eat better. So pray for my friend please.

    The area is going well. Our convert has a friend we are working on and he has others that he wants us to work on. So we have some sweet referrals that we are going to start working on in the area. I am hoping that the ward splits soon and that we get a chapel closer to the area because with that there is an issue with some members who are less active because of the distance.

     *The fight has turned into using sticks and beating each other outside. No real issues yet. 

    So other then that, all I really know what to say is that we are pushing forward. I would really like a package with some candy in it though. Warren and Jodi's has been amazing. They sent an envelope and were able to fit a T-shirt into it. A Denver Broncos T-shirt! I am going to have worn that shirt out crazy by the time my mission is over.  I am loving it so much. So candy, even some mashed potatoes that I can just add water too would be cool.

     *Still arguing like little girls outside. Sawh.... (Twi for really)

     So last point I would like to make before leaving. I have a problem, HOW IS IT THAT THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS ARE 7-0!!!!!!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! 
OK I am done.
Much love and support to all of you. 
I am praying for all of you. 
I hope you are praying for me too!

Elder Ty M. Bowden

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