Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Week Gone . . .

Well, as we all know there are forces in life we cannot control.  For example, contacting is not my forte and we have almost no one in our teaching pool.  However, these forces are nice when you are blessed with 2 baptisms on Saturday and we will have another 2 this Saturday.  So what do you do when you know that come October 26 you will have no one in your teaching pool.  Panic?  Cry?  Wanna scream?  So what do you do?  It's quite simple really . . . as Elder Ballard said in General Conference:

"Preach My Gospel reminds all of us that 'nothing happens in missionary work until [we] find someone to teach.  Talk with as many people as you can each day.  It is natural to be somewhat apprehensive about talking to people, but you can pray for the faith and strength to be more bold in opening your mouth to proclaim the restored gospel.' You full-time missionaries, if you want to teach more, you must talk to more people every day.  This has always been what the Lord has sent missionaries forth to do."

So with that said, that is what we plan on doing this week.  Even if we have to call the whole town to repentance, we will.  We are going to get working (not that we haven't been working) just now we are going to be doing a different work.  Also we talked in District Council Meeting about just going and visiting members.  We will strengthen the relationship between the ward and the missionaries.  That is the plan and we are going to work, work, work, and work.  Sounds like fun!!

Thanks for all the love and support and prayers.  They really do help and will continue to help.  Remember if you don't have a missionary name badge on your chest you better paint one on or even better staple one onto your chest or use a nail gun.  I don't care, just get one on your chest!!!  Go bike with the missionaries for a day!  It will be fun!

Love you guys!!

Elder Ty M. Bowden

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