Monday, May 26, 2014

14 Month Anniversary.

As we celebrate this special time of the year let us remember that it is just a date. Nothing much. You know it really is sweet here when you have lights off every single day for 2 whole weeks. But who is complaining? Not me. Ok maybe right before bed, but not too much. :) Ya I am on super early today because we are going to be busy later on so I wanted to at least get to the cafe before it got busy. So next week I will get to chat with my parents.

This was a strange week. Our week was fine until Friday when my companion had to go to the doctor for his knee. There was like some water bubble in it, called brucidos? I don't know. So Saturday and Sunday where were we? In the apartment because my companion wasn't allowed to walk or bike on it. So I sat in the apartment all day and just relaxed. Cleaned the apartment and studied. Also got a FM (free meal). That was awesome. There is a lady who stays not even a minute from the apartment who wanted to do a FHE with all the missionaries, so we got Elder Metivier up there and enjoyed a good game of Sorry! She has Sorry! And I won! YA! She is awesome.

That is where we are actually going today around 3. She is making us lunch for our "off day" as she calls it. She loves the missionaries so much. She knows all the rules about the missionaries and loves to have them over and she has a washing machine! Awesome.  However, when there is no electricity it doesn't work.

No Task force at the Church this week. It was quite peaceful. It is funny because the Teachers were at every door this week. I guess in Teachers Quorum they got chastised for not being at the doors last week. This week the doors were covered.

I am good. Just relaxing. Downloading some music for my ipod right now. So all is well. Ghana is sweet. The power just went off so now the cafe crashed, but they have a generator so the power is back on so I am still here. I might go buy a pineapple after this because it is past my lunch time I am very hungry. LOL.

The District is doing well. Everyone is happy, healthy, and enjoying having fun spreading the gospel.
Alright, so that is it for today. BYE BYE!!!!

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