Monday, August 18, 2014

Greetings Again!

Hi everyone! Great to hear from you all once again. I am grateful to still be alive for one thing. I have another update on Ebola from President Hill

Ebola Update,

There are still no reported cases of Ebola in Ghana. Despite rumors including some in the social media, various medical groups have said there are absolutely no cases in Ghana. Yesterday, here is what the the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH) said: "With deep disappointment and utter shock we have learned of a statement making rounds in certain social media circles alleging an outbreak of Ebola and attempts by political leaders to cover up several cases and people dying.

The PSGH wishes to state categorically and emphatically that no such assertion was made at the annual General Meeting (AGM) in Koforidua or any other meeting.

The purported claims on the tape are totally false, mischievous, and most regrettable."

No Ebola in Ghana. 

While the situation seems contained in Liberia and Sierra Leone--no better, no worse---there continues to be problems there. There are several new Ebola cases reported each day in both countries. Remember, there are millions of people in both countries and while the few new cases each day are sad and heartbreaking, they are only a few cases. I will keep you posted on any new developments as necessary. For now, we pray for people in those countries, want the best for them, and hope they get the situation under control soon.

Again, no cases in Ghana: zero, nada, zilch, none. 

Ok so don't worry. We are fine (for now).

So this week was very nice. I am very tired to say the least and need some sleep. We were able to make a lot of progress as we had three investigators come to church yesterday. Hopefully one of those will be ready for her baptism on the 31st of the month.

I have a funny story I want to share. On Saturdays we clean the chapel. Well, it turns out that the Kaneshie Stake Center has a ping pong table. One of the Kaneshie Missionaries has a sweet net as well. So we got playing after we cleaned the chapel and I was smoking everyone. Just winning, until a missionary from Ethiopia showed up. No one would play him because they were all saying how good he is. And if you know me, a little cocky, I challenged him. . . .and got destroyed. :( LOL. We will face again this weekend. But ya. It hurt.

Other then that the week was good. Had some fun, got to work with a member a lot this week. It helped with translation because none of us can speak Twi. So the members do help. I am super grateful to them and their help in the work. So go help the missionaries.

I know that this is true.

I am a little busy downloading every single Elder Holland talk I can find on right now, so forgive me but I am going to end here. I love Holland!!!! BYE!!!!


Elder Bowden

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