Monday, June 16, 2014

FIFA 2014

     Hello once again all of you wonderful people around the world. Well things are great here. Everyone is preparing for the big game tonight. If you live in a shell and have no idea what I am talking about, tonight is the USA vs. Ghana in the FIFA world cup. Ya it is kinda a big deal here in Ghana. Way more important to them then it is to us over in America. Do we even care about Soccer. . .? Not really? And if you wanna say we do, your lying to yourself.  Everyone here is predicting a 2-1 win for Ghana. I think it will be 3-2 for USA. We shall wait and see. Germany is playing Portugal right now and is winning 2-0. So FIFA is alive and well here in Ghana (For now).
     This week was full of adventures. For one. . .I have a new companion. His name is Elder Shangase. He is from South Africa (Durban) where the new Temple is being built. He is super chill. He is just three months on mission, I am his 2nd companion.
Germany just scored again. 3-0
     We are working on our area. We have some really good investigators who are progressing.
Red Card (against Portugal)
     One hopefully will be baptized this Sunday. The other either in 2 or 3 weeks.
Half Time
     Ya a referral from one of our recent converts is progressing super fast and we are super excited to help him come into the church. His name is Fred.  He has come now 5 times. He has so many amazing questions. We can only see him on weekends and that is really hard, because we want to teach him and only one day in a week is hard. However this past week we saw him both on Saturday and Sunday.
     So Elder Tullis, he was assigned to train. However, his companion is from Congo, and is currently in the Provo MTC learning English (he only knows French). So Elder Tullis is with a ward missionary that is super sweet. It is pretty funny though that Elder Tullis new companion is in America. . .enjoying. . .LOL. He Will be sweet once he finally gets here. There are four in Provo learning English at the moment. So in two weeks i Think they will arrive.
Half Time is over
     Yup, adventure continues. We will continue to work to finding more and more people and helping them come unto the restored gospel. It is a truly amazing thing to see people come into the faith. Some areas are harder then others. But you know, I like having to work for the Investigators that Heavenly Father wants me to receive. When I have to work hard for them and then find that one, boy it is the best feeling in the world.
     Ok, So I guess I gotta go. BYE BYE. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!




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