Monday, June 9, 2014

Something small.

Hi Everyone.
     Well this week was another great week. This was week six of the transfer. For you who know about the transfer cycles, there are six weeks in a transfer. Week seven/one is this current week. Seven, until Transfer day, and One, after Wednesday till Sunday. So you are probably wondering what is happening this Transfer, well...I am safe, not being transferred this time. Thank goodness. I love this area so much. It is a good area. My new Companion, his name is Elder Shangase. I have no idea who he is. I hear he is from South Africa but that is all I have heard, so you will have to wait until next week. Sorry.
     This week we had a crazy adventure. On Wednesday it rained about 8pm. . .and didn't stop. . .you might be wondering where me and my companion were during this time? We were at an investigators home. So we have to walk all the way home. . . in the rain. That was fun until we reach one part of the road that had become a river. The gutters had overflown and water was rushing down the roads. We have to cross the road in order to get home so me and my companion begin to cross the road. We are knee deep in water the whole time. The rushing of the water almost knocked me over at some points, but we made it. Everything in our bags was safe.
     Nevertheless the rain did not stop. Not all night and not one bit on Thursday. We couldn't even leave the apartment. Water did not flood our apartment, but it did flood the road on which we lived. So we listened to CES talks that were on my I-pod. My companion read the first 3 gospels in the New Testament, and ya that was Thursday.
     We were able to recover small after that. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were very busy trying to regain the lost ground. We did succeed in most parts, but in others we were not.  So now this week with my new companion we will have to do work. I am excited however. We were able on Sunday to take the Bishop to see two recent converts and that was amazing. We plan on doing that again with him in the near future.
     Alright. I guess I better go. Thanks for all of your love and support! I can not wait to hear from you next week. LOVE YOU!!!!!


Elder Bowden

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