Monday, January 12, 2015


     Well, another week is gone. They are going by faster then I can possibly imagine. This week was a very good week for us. On Saturday we kicked some serious butt! It was sweet. Especially in this area it was surprising to me that it has now happened for the last two weeks. I believe that it is all due to you. Your prayers and thoughts heading my way have really helped me and my companion. Keep praying for us. Pray that we continue to work hard and smart and that our investigators progress.
     Well last week was the beginning of my second to last transfer on mission (I have all the milestones marked out), and thinking about it is no help. However we put our faith and trust in God and push forward. Even though some mornings I don't wanna get outta bed. I do feel like I am working as hard now, as I was when I first came to Ghana 21 months ago. That is one of my goals is not to go "rusty" as we say but to "Burn Out" rather. I wonder how Ammon and his brethren did this for fourteen years, and some of them spent time in jail! Honestly how could they do that? I am grateful it is only two years and not fourteen. LOL.
     Talking about this past week, on Thursday President Hill had all of the Zone Leaders and District Leaders come to an extended Mission Leaders Council or MLC for short. After going to that meeting I am so grateful I was never called to be a Zone Leader because going to just one of those meetings gave me and everyone else a headache. So better to go once every six months rather then once every month. It was a good meeting in which we talked about a lot of things. We had a ton of action items that we need to work on in the upcoming weeks and months. Especially focusing on the Book of Mormon.
     Still on the hunt to find and teach new people. That is the biggest problem I think facing our Zone considering that half the zone is living in Muslim areas. But we continue to try out hardest to find those ready to receive the gospel. It is such a blessing to see it change so many peoples lives. It will continue to change and bless those who do live up to it. Not just saying they believe but actually living it. I hope that we all will try to live what we believe and not just say that we believe. Let us all do better.

Have a great week everyone! I love you so much!
Thank you for again for all of your prayers.


Elder Ty M. Bowden

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