Monday, January 5, 2015

12 Weeks.

     Lest in case you think that I am trunky. . .you might be right! LOL. It isn't easy that people keep reminding me about it. Let alone me thinking about it every day. LOL. No worries, I am happy to be out serving. I love it and I am still finding new ways to do it. I truly will miss Ghana when it is over. Ghana is a wonderful place with wonderful people. I do hope that within five years of finishing my mission that I can return for a few days or weeks to visit the people here. I have made so many good friendships that it will not be easy to be away from them.
     This week was anything but easy. We had one woman that we were supposed to baptize yesterday, but her husband (who is a Muslim/she's Methodist) isn't liking the idea of her joining the Church (from what she has told us). Since I came here 3 weeks ago, she has only come to Church once, and yesterday was one of those days she missed. I don't wanna give up on her, but seeing on how she is subject to her husbands laws, I am not sure how else to help her. From what she has told us she does not wanna become a Muslim. So. . .what now?
     We continue to drop people and find people. We just have to be in contact with more and more people. Just I hate contacting, but I know that I need to be doing it. So this week we actually did very well on doing that. It is the same old same old though. They all say "oh I'm cooking!" or "oh I'm busy!" or some other excuse, but that doesn't matter.  If you're too busy to hear us then God will be too busy for you at Judgement day (sounds a bit harsh but I find it a good response to those excuses, which usually leads to us getting a seat and sharing something small with them).
     Muslims are good people. Not like what you hear about in Iraq and Afghanistan. They actually find what is happening in the middle east disturbing and  not pleasing. When talking with one he told me that what they are doing is not found, or approved of in the Quran. I found that shocking but hey, this guy is saying it not me. So I believe true Muslims are good people.
     Two nights ago I was talking to one and he was saying that it doesn't matter what religion you believe in because they're are good Muslims and good Christians and bad Muslims and bad Christians. I of course disagreed with him, but then explained that if you travel down one road, you will get to one place, as with a different place on a different road. I further explained that not all roads go to heaven, and that while maybe you may be a good person, if you're on the wrong road, you won't get to the destination you would of liked.
     Having fun. That is good. Mission is suppose to be fun, hard, and not a vacation. So we treat it as such. Just gotta work and not get distracted by small things. Keep improving on the things that we can do better on, and then rejoice when people change because of the choices we make.


Elder Bowden

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