Monday, March 2, 2015

I come home this month!

     Yes you heard that right boys and girls! I am coming home this month. However I have discovered that I will not be arriving home until April 1st until around 6pm at the Salt Lake City international airport. I will be flying from Ghana to London. Then from London I will fly to Dallas, then I will make my final departure to Salt Lake City and into my mommy's arms! YAY!!!! However that is in a few weeks so we don't need to worry about that just yet. I am not sure if I have mentioned but I will be staying up in Salt Lake City to go to General Conference.
     Now onto my week. I should start by saying that the New Town Ward was split on Sunday. It was very interesting because the Stake President was there and during the Stake Business he divided it and told the boundaries, released everyone from their calling except the Bishop, and then called the New Branch Presidency and Bishopric and then said that since there were two wards in the meeting it was a bi-ward sacrament meeting and that for the rest of the meeting he would be conducting. It was also Fast and Testimony meeting so all the testimonies were about the ward splitting and how they were all grateful for the Bishop and all he has done to help the ward. It was a very nice meeting. We were so packed that we (the missionaries) had to sit outside.
     Now for your information I will be in the ward. My companion and I. The other four missionaries that were in the ward with us will be moving to the branch. It is called Maamobi Branch. They will be in the same building until the rented building they are getting is finished (unlikely to happen while I am in Africa). However I am now the District Leader over three units of the Church. New Town Ward, Maamobi Branch, and Alajo Ward. Ten Missionaries in all. I don't think I have told you ever but this is the biggest district that I have been district leader over my entire mission. I have been in a ten missionary district, but never as District Leader until I came here in December (but back then it was only two wards). Now it is two Wards and one branch. Crazy!!!! AND STRESSFUL!!!!
     This week was not one of our better weeks. My companion has not been feeling too well. Apparently he hasn't been feeling too well his whole mission. Just super sick and not really trying to do anything to make it better. He is trying though. Just Ghana has given him a rough time and when he has companions that like to push it doesn't help. You know me, I'm an understanding guy. If you need to rest, you need to rest. Of course one day I just was like come on lets go and he was like no I am not feeling well, and I was like ok if you are not feeling well and wanna stay inside, call Sister Hill and tell her that, if not lets go! He accepted my challenge and called and Sister Hill said to stay inside until he was filling well. Fine. Hopefully this week we can do more then what we did last week because I do wanna work hard the rest of my mission.
     Other then that we are doing super well. Had four people at Church which is sweet because we have six with a baptisimal date and the two that didn't come had already told us that they weren't coming so the four that did come were all expected and now on the 15th of this month we will be baptizing all of them hopefully. Pray for me and them. They will need it, we all need it. We all need to pray for everyone. This world is getting crazier and crazier as it goes by. We truly are getting closer to the second coming of the the Savior. We need to continue to prepare, because it could happen any day. Are we ready? I hope so.


Elder Bowden

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