Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Email from Ghana

Hi Everyone!!!
     I have successfully made it to Ghana! We have eaten and the food isn't all too bad. The flight was very long. But I was able to sleep from JFK to just about when we reached the shores of Africa. However waiting at the airports and the long plane flights are a killer. Now we are about to go settle into our rooms and then get a tour of the MTC. I just realized that the computers here do not have SD card readers so I will not be able to send pictures of the place just yet. Most likely you will need to send me an SD card reader that plugs into a USB port so I can send some Pictures home. Other then that the traffic is crazy here. There were cars driving off the road and cutting corners, not using turning signals and other crazy things. The street vendors were all over the place and were crawling all over the cars trying to get us to buy their products. When we arrived at the airport Ghanans came up to us and were trying to help us and then would ask for a "tip" of some kind. Sadly most of the elders at the airport were not warned and gave tips to them. Me and a few others made smart comments back, telling the helpers that we had a "card" and no cash, and from that moment on they left me and those few Elders alone. It is also crazy hot and humid here. Like I get off the plane and I break into a sweat. I am so happy I brought a fan. Funny story the MTC dorms have fans, they just don't work.  The schedule for the 12 days we are here is pretty intense. Sadly we only get to go to the temple once and I hear a rumor that is the only time we go. Hopefully those rumors are wrong. Well, that's about it for now. Airplane food is just as bad as they say it is, the people are funny, and I need a shower.
Love all of you guys and hope to hear from you soon.
Elder Bowden 
P.S. for mom: 

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