Saturday, March 30, 2013

Week 2 - March 29

Greetings From Ghana!!!
     OK so I'm here in the Ghana MTC and It is pretty good.  So turns out that I only get to stay here until Tuesday then on Wednesday morning we leave for the mission. The mission is being split and President Judd will remain the Mission President of the Accra Mission until next year when his time as President is spent. However, whether I'm in the Accra Mission or the Accra West Mission come July I know not. Missionaries already in the MTC are saying which they would prefer. Most want to say in Accra because there is more jungle and "adventure" out there, but I personally would desire to serve in the West where I have better access to food and stores for supplies in case of an emergency. But a guy who has lived in Ghana his whole life I met at the temple which I'll talk about shortly said that the whole area of the East side of the river does have stores and stuff of civilization. So that was nice to know in case I get sent to the Accra mission. Either way I know the Lord is sending me where he wants me to go.
     So you are probably wondering how the temple was. Let me tell you...When it comes to size...St. George kicks! It is probably smaller then a football field. Only 40 people max in a session. But when it comes to beauty, holy cow! It is so glamorous that it takes your breath away. The wood designs in the rooms are so pretty. The murals in the rooms are breath taking. You walk into the lobby, and as you pass the counter there is a window as you head to the changing rooms. If you look into the window you look down into the baptistry. The same picture you see online of it is the same view I get when looking. The land around the Temple is just as pretty. There are trees and flowers everywhere. There is a distribution center right next to the temple as well as a church building and another building that I do not know what they use it for.
     Accra is a very busy city. If you ever thought my driving was bad, I'm the best driver in Accra!  The traffic is basically swerving back in forth in the lanes trying to get to where you are going as fast as you can. It's pretty awesome.
     Well that's all the time I have for right now. I really like getting all of your emails but sadly they only give me time to write for 30 minutes and this is all I had time to write. Sorry that there are no pictures yet, the computers in the MTC do not have sd card readers and the guy who has one is sharing it with others and my time is about to run out. Hopefully when I'm in my first area I can send pictures.
     Food is good, they have lots of rice and I have been able to swallow my pill (malaria) thanks to the food. Hopefully I can get some pictures soon.
     Well thats all I got time for right now. 
Elder Ty M. Bowden

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