Monday, April 1, 2013

Last Email from Ghana MTC

Hello Everyone out there!
     Ok, so, first off, the MTC is built like a prison. No Joke, It was a joke to start out with, but last night me and some of the Elders proved that it is. (We did not get into trouble) So the MTC is placed on a compound with security and a barbwire fence around the 6 foot wall, that is legitimately electrical barbwire. So why so much security? I mean, anyone (and I do mean anyone) is allowed onto the compound because there is also a LDS church building (which we are not allowed to go to) on the lot. There is also security alarms inside the building. There are two doors at the MTC. The main door that if opened after hours an alarm goes off and a door at the base of the Elders stairwell. So Story Time!!!  Last night me and some of the Elders were talking about "Stuff" and we started to hear a funny noise. Well...we looked out the window to find Rain!!! In Ghana!!! Well, we all acted as though we had never seen rain before and we all bolted down the stairwell, (3 whole floors) down the the main floor, activating one alarm but notice because we were all running so hard, and then we stopped right before the main lobby door, (Mind the alarm only sounds in the Security Checkpoint outside and at the actual door, so we already missed the first alarm). Well, we're looking out the door windows, and one Elder decides to go out. Well as soon as he pushes the door open, the alarm goes off, and we all book it back up the stairs. Two elders tripped going up the stairs while the elder who opened the door and myself were the first ones back up. Well, we all get up to catch our breath, and we count how many of us are there, and two elders are missing. We decided to go back and "save" our comrades. We go back down the stairs to find them locked in between the two doors. (There are the main doors and then a second set of doors once you enter, both lock when closed at night.) Someone had kicked the second set of doors closed behind them so they had been trapped inside the two sets of doors. Funny huh? LOL Well, what happened?  Nothing, security came when everyone was gone and just the two elders remained. Security heard the alarm and came down to check it out. We come down and security says everything is fine, return to our rooms and that was all. We're all still laughing at it. So...the moral to the story not go outside when it is raining in Ghana, or security at the MTC might get you.
      Yes I do have a companion here in the MTC.  He is a convert. (He's a two year member) He challenged me to a church knowledge duel. He would ask a question and I would have to answer, then I would do the same. Well, his questions were easy, mine...well, I really appreciate Bishop Cramer right now. He was done after I got talking about the theories of Space and Kolob, then proved it, amazing everyone during lunch yesterday. It was awesome. But I'm busy answering questions from all the elders now. But it's fun to enlighten them and test my knowledge of the scriptures. Tell Bishop Cramer to email me questions.
     Other then the last time I talked to you guys nothing new has happened. We leave Wednesday Morning for the Mission Home at six. It will take us about an hour and a half to travel from the MTC in Tema to the mission home due to traffic. 
     So besides the Prison Story and companion story, yesterday was probably the best day by far. For breakfast we actually got some real food, waffles with honey and bread. For lunch we had spaghetti (don't be shocked, turns out pasta is a common thing here, just expensive if you get the good stuff) with chicken (again don't be shocked its actually common as well) and orange juice (first time we've had something other then Volta Water (Volta water is a water bottle company here in Ghana). Sunday is the best day here because there are no lessons and we get to rest all day. Of course the typical 3 hour block, but we do stuff. The Family History Missionaries came and talked to us about doing work here in Ghana, (I didn't think that Family History Work was going to be an option here.) Turns out in the Western Africa Area, there are 79 Family History Centers, 30 plus in just the Accra Area. That's about 78 Family History Centers more then I thought there would be. So basically I was impressed, but I was going in my head, oh shoot, should of worked on that a little more back home...oh well. Hakuna-Matata.
     Also last night we had a Movie Night. Don't worry it was "The Testament, One Sheep, One Fold" and it was pretty good. It talked about the Nephite Nation during the time Christ was in the Holy Land. My personal opinion is they shouldn't show it to Elders because there was a Nephite Romance in it and boy did some of the Elders from America start getting mad. It was like torturing us.  But overall its a great movie to understand the role the Savior played in the Americas during his mortal life.
     Well, I guess that is all for now. I will hopefully get to email you either before they send me off, but if not, I will email you from the first area I am in. I love seeing all of your guys emails, Keep them coming. (For those who don't know, there is a new mission rule allowing missionaries to receive and send emails from anyone they so desire). So if you wish to email me just talk to my mom. Some of you already have and I love getting to read them. I apologize right now they only give me 30 minutes at a time and today they messed up the schedule and so we have an extra 2 hours of free time, so I'm going to get on and off multiple times (yes it's allowed just this once) and am going to get as many replies as I can, so if you don't get a reply I will work hard to get one send to you next week. But just know that seeing your emails makes the days here just go by faster.
    Other then that I'm great, working hard, and missing home and Hayes. I do have pictures on my camera of him. Oh speaking of which, I want pictures via email. I can print them here. Love you all so so so very much. Tell Halie I got her email and will reply asap. Love you all and I will keep on working hard. Hopefully I'll get to email tomorrow. But if not, Cya on my first P-day in the Field. Keep sending me Emails!
Elder Bowden

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