Monday, April 8, 2013

First Area in Ghana

Hi Everyone!!!

Ok so I bet you are all wondering where in the world they have sent little old Elder Bowden. Well...drum roll please...I am in a small suburb of Tema called Kpone. (Pone) It's basically the farthest east in the Greater Accra Region of the mission. So...I'm not technically in the bush but at the same time I am. And about an address, well the thing about Ghana is only the cities have street names. Out here its basically I'm the house next to that one house everyone knows. So care packages and letters please send to the mission home and the Office Elders will deliver it to me. But don't worry.  Elder Bowden isn't starving. There are street vendors everywhere. And the nice thing is is that they all buy their stuff from the markets in Tema so it's safe to eat. Bread is about 2 cedis which is nice.  I'm living off bread, water, ramen (not good though), and rice, everyday, for the past 4 days now. 
     My companion's name is Elder Tribe. He's from Lindon Utah, and has been out 11 months. He's pretty cool. In the apartment I'm also with a guy named Elder Pietsch (Peach) and he is from San Francisco. And a 49ers fan. It's fun to talk with him about sports. The other is Elder Flan and he is from the Ivory Coast. 
     We did not get to hear or listen to General Conference at all so I'm downloading Itunes/and the general conference talks as we speak, so i can listen to them after this. I know I'm so clever. 
     Doing laundry today was a new experience. I had to wash all of my white shirts by hand. Pretty fun. I guess. 
     No fufu just yet. A member might make it for us this week. 
     I'm serving with the Kpone Branch out of the Tema Stake. 
     We are walking everywhere. When we proselyte we walk everywhere. Since our area is small we can. We sometimes walk down to the beach which is really cool. In the apartment I'm the only one who really knows how to cook so I'm sauteing every morning, (thanks Ryan!) The apartment is really messy, including the kitchen. That's changing soon. I have cleaned the kitchen for the most part, (thanks Pasta Factory). 
     So like I said, it's going to be impossible to write everyone who's written me, so just be patient.   I apologize if you emailed me and I didn't reply. I'm working on the general conference thing right now. Next week for sure. 
     Well I'm alive and enjoying things here so far.
     Love you all and thanks for your love and support! 



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