Monday, April 22, 2013

One Month in Ghana

Happy One Month To ME!!! 

     It is crazy to think that a month ago I was just arriving here in Ghana. The work is moving so fast that the days seem so short. So how is the mission going you may ask? Well on April 28th we are going to have our first baptisms! Four people are getting baptized! It's awesome. We have 7  people we are going to focus on this week. There are 4 missionaries in Kpone, and well it's weird, Kpone 1 focuses in the farm area (thats where I am) and Kpone 2 focuses in the Town and Kpompie, and the weird part is, Kpone 1 (we) only 2 of our investigators are women, unlike Kpone 2 they have all women and 1 male investigator.  

     So funny story for the week. Elder Tribes birthday was last week, but one of the investigators we are baptizing this week wanted to celebrate, so all 4 of us missionaries went to his home (on a Monday night FHE) and had a little party.  Well his girl friend (also getting baptized this week) bought Sham-pain and we were about to freak out, but didn't say anything. They poured us glasses and handed them to us. They make a toast and drink and the 4 of us are just sitting there in shock. He sees our shock and starts laughing and then tells us its non-alcoholic Sham-pain. So we enjoy.  It was good.  Part two of the story which is the funny part is we go back for her daughters birthday (from a different marriage) and she buys Sham-pain again. Well thinking nothing of it this time and 1 Elder drinks, but the 3 of us don't. It turns out this time it has alcohol in it.  She asked for the same bottle as last time but the store owner thought she wanted the one with alcohol in it.  It was rather funny. Thank goodness I didn't drink!  

     So other then that I am the answer to the Kpone Branches prayers. (Of course) But why? They have been praying for a (wait for it) ... piano player ... and my companion asks me if I can play so I'm playing the piano in Sacrament, and let me tell you, they either sing too slow or too fast. So I talked to them about the tempos on the top of the page and far so good. More details coming next week. 

     The Kpone Branch, is tiny, but growing. We as a District had 11 investigators at church yesterday. The building we are in is a rented building so it's tiny.  I think they will have to split the branch soon. We as missionaries are standing during sacrament. So there are about maybe I guess almost 100 people in the branch  and this is a branch that's been around for 6 months. They know nothing about missionary work. So Elder Pietsch is going to give a talk about referrals. From what I hear, the only investigators who have come to church are those who were from referrals. So we need more, because we've only gotten 1 since i've been here. 

     My Mom, did a little research on Kpone, and yes they got a new power plant there, but that means nothing...because Ghana sells all the power that they create. So we have lights off almost every other day. Last week, we had lights off for 48+ hours. Not good. No clean water, no showers, and nobody wants to talk to you during that time. The light off affects all of the Tema area, but not really because those in actual Tema have backup generators.  Kpone is a poor little place with no such thing. 

     So today I am here in Tema. Why? Well yesterday we traveled to Tema to have two of our investigators get special interviews. So we did that and then spent the night with the Tema Elders.  Why?  Because today we are designing Tema District T-shirts. Cool Huh?!?!  Ya I think so. So we are doing that after this so that's exciting. 

     It's nice here. Sweat like crazy. My white shirt is only good for a day because of the sweat on my neck and sleeves. We do not have bleach but the next best thing is a powder that we pour in that is like bleach. So washing by hand is fun. (NOT) I have not washed my pants yet.  The only time apparently you even wash pants is when they start to stink. To me they don't stink yet (Oh wait, I CAN'T SMELL!) So thats that. 

     Well, it's been real. So far I have been enjoying the mission.  It's a lot of work and is really tiring but it's fun. Haven't gotten sick (yet) but hopefully I won't. Sister Judd (mission president wife) said that the only way you really get sick is when you don't follow the mission rules, which is true. My companion before I came along got malaria and I asked him how it happened and he said he didn't take the pill, which is against mission rules. So I am healthy.    

     You guys are the best. I wish you all the best. 


Elder Ty M. Bowden. 

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