Monday, June 10, 2013

104 More Emails

Another week has gone by.  It's crazy when you think about it as a missionary I will only send 104 more emails as a missionary.  SO, I thank all of you who read all 104 emails.  That's a lot of reading!  I will try to keep this one funny.

It rains a lot here.  Me and Elder Pietsch had to go to a certain place yesterday for a special interview for one of his investigators.  Well all is good, but as we are walking back to the chapel, it starts to rain and we run back to the chapel in the pouring rain!  For those of you who have seen Lord of the Rings:  The Two Towers, I felt like Aragorn as he walks into the one room.  Everyone just looks at him.  Same feeling yesterday entering the church building.  Soaking wet!  Everyone laughed at me.  Elder Pietsch then entered like a minute behind me.

Now an interesting story.  After church last week, the choir was practicing.  Well, I was quietly playing the piano just for fun.  They started singing and well it wasn't very good, way off key.  I start playing the song that they are singing (just for fun to mess with them) and well they were in shock that they were so off key.  SO shocked that they asked me to practice with them.  I guess that is what I get.  Tuesday and Friday night I practice with the choir so they can sound good.  They are getting there.

How is the work?  Finding stinks!  Not because it is hard or awkward, because we can find people, but after that they want nothing to do with us.  The only real way we can get new investigators is to have members refer them to us.  So we have to go on a quest to find where members live, and because there are no street addresses here in Kpone, it is super hard to find them unless they actually take us.  The only way we can have them take us is on Sunday.  That is hard sometimes.

But the work is sweet.  The one family that shared drinks with me the one night, his baptism is on Sunday and hers will be on the 30th. YAY!  So excited!  The missionaries here in Kpone have been working with them for over 9 months.  So everyone is super excited.  All they have to do is pass the interviews on Tuesday and we are good!  Pray that they pass.

Last week I said I was sick.  I have no idea why I was sick, but I am eating more fruit so I should be good.  That's all for this week.  Love you, thank you for your prayers.  Kpone needs them right now.  I will have pictures next week.  Sorry, I forgot my sd card.


Elder Bowden

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