Monday, June 24, 2013

Transferred to the New Mission

Ghana Accra West here I come! 

Ok so I am not supposed to know until tomorrow, but the church put everything the missionary website.    
I know I am going to the new mission and Elder Tribe's first trainee is my companion, son with son.  I am being transferred to Tantra Hills 2.  No idea where that is, but I will find out on Wednesday.  So new mission president and everything.  Tantra Hills is getting a new apartment, too.

This last week was sweet.  Elder Tribe and I had a lot of good times.  Today ME, Elder Tribe, Elder Russell, and Elder Bradley went to the Art Market in Accra.  I bought some sweet stuff for the family.  What is super sweet is that I am getting used to bartering.  Getting really good at it.  I got everything for a great price and Elder Russell who is leaving in August was really impressed with how I did.  

I will send pictures from the new area as soon as I find the cafe there.  So if you don't hear from me next week you will know why.  What is sad about leaving is I am leaving a ton of friends.  I am going to miss a lot of people, especially the recent converts.  If Heavenly Father wants me in the new mission, it is for a good reason.  On the bright side, the temple is in the new mission. 

But thats my letter for this week. My addresses will all change this upcoming week. So do not send letters until i get the updates. Ok. Thanks. You can however email me. 
Ok Gotta go. BYE!


Elder Ty M. Bowden. 

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  1. Thank you sister Bowden for keeping us updated. It greatly means a lot.