Monday, July 1, 2013


 Ok, so yes I have been transferred to Tantra Hills (new mission). It's a brand new apartment. But our second night in the apartment we had a problem and I really don't know how to say this, but I will just say it. WE GOT ROBBED in the middle of the night. My camera is gone, along with 2 of my 16gb sd cards. Elder Onyo's camera got stolen 1.5 years of photos gone for him. Elder Ralph lost 18 cedis and Elder Anderson (my companion) lost nothing. The thief cut open our screens and what WE didn't realize is that our windows did not have trap bars on them. (They now, of course do...Day late and 2 cameras short). So the thief cut open the screens and just took what he could reach. We didn't even realize it until Elder Onyo started looking for his camera. Thankfully my cards and other really important stuff did not get taken. I just feel bad because now you guys don't get to see what Ghana is like.But nevertheless, what's done is done. There is nothing I can do. I will try to find a cheap camera here to buy and get to work taking new photos for you. 
     So as I have already said I am in Tantra Hills. The name implies what it is like. Hills. Lots of hills. On a bike that is not designed for off roading (which should be illegal), but nevertheless it's sweet here. A lot more populated than Kpone. Tantra Hills is in Accra. There is just one problem (besides the thief), The Tesano District I am in, includes the APs, Office Elders (One is District Leader), the Zone Leaders (living with us!), and then us...Power District, in which me and my companion have no power. LOL. OK!! No big deal. Just funny.  Just Elder Anderson feels a little intimidated by them and fears that if he doesn't work hard he will be put back as a junior companion. This is his 2nd transfer as Senior Companion. So he is really trying to work himself to the ground, but that includes running me down with him. No worries. I want to work hard too but not to the point that I am dead. 
     Ok so, now, the Tantra Hills ward. What is it like? It is in a church building!!  A nice one. It runs just like a normal church back home. Half the members are there on time and the rest show up 15 minutes late. THE CHURCH IS TRUE EVEN IN GHANA!!! The membership is around 300+ which is sweet. Sadly only 120 are active. SO we are going to focus on the less actives. Pray we find them. 
     SO that was my week. Fun enough. Right?   Pray this week gets better.
Love you all.
Cya next week.

Elder Ty M. Bowden. 

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