Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ghana Time

     OK.  So I would like to start this weeks letter with a funny story.  This is the story of how I found my Grandpa Bowden in Ghana.  So Elder Ralph has an Ensign from 1998 and well I read some of the talks and then I'm like, wait a second . . . turn to front cover, first session music by Mormon Youth Chorus!  I flipped.
   So with that funny background, even better news.  I have bought a new camera!  YAY!  I will send pictures soon.  It's an ok camera, not the best.  Since I went to Melcom to buy a camera, I also bought maple syrup and cinnamon.  Breakfast just got better!!

     Also, we had a baptism last week!  YAY! Hopefully we have another this Saturday.  I pray that we do.  Also we had to move some of our peoples dates back because of readiness  It's ok because we found out on Friday we have been calling on of our investigators by the wrong name for almost 2 months now (so it's not my fault!), but it's ok because he doesn't even realize it. Hopefully he will be part of our August goal.

     President Hill is amazing.  Another awesome thing that happened this week is that we got microwaves!  Yes, microwaves!!!  President Hill bough each apartment a microwave!!! Just one thing . . .  what am I going to use if for?  So far the only thing we use ir for is to heat up bread, which is way better than cold bread. So . . . send me popcorn. 

   I used my card reader to download some conference talks.  I have four of Elder Rasband's talks.  They are sweet, especially the priesthood one he gave.  I am downloading Elder Holland right now.  GO HOLLAND!!

     Sorry if this isn't long enough.  I want to try to email some family today.




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