Monday, July 15, 2013

Greetings From Ghana!

Another week gone. Seriously though. Where do the weeks go by? At first it seems to go so long but by Saturday you're like what the heck it's Saturday already?!? WOW. So, A little update on the Tantra Hills Apartment. The Elder whose camera was stolen has been transferred to a different apartment for one reason or another and a new Elder has arrived. Me and Elder Anderson have known that he has wanted to be transferred since he arrived. But last transfer we all stayed. So we thought we had another 6 weeks at least together. Guess not. Yesterday he comes in and says he's being transferred. CRAZY. Me and Elder Anderson were shocked to say the least. The APs arrived as me and Elder Anderson were leaving to go eat Fufu so we didn't really get to say goodbye, but he is still our Zone Leader so we will see him more for sure. 

     But hey, we had Fufu last night. We ate an entire ball (which is about the size of a softball when flattened out). The two of us ate two balls. We thought we were done but they then threw on another ball for us to eat. After eating it we thought we were done for sure then. NOPE. ONE MORE STINKING BALL later and then we were finished. SO MUCH FUFU!  FUFU is the best. The best part was this is the second time this week that I have had FUFU! It is nice. I am pushing for more and more FUFU. The members really love feeding the missionaries so when they ask...I say FUFU!!! 
     OK so anywho... ya thats this week. Crazy I know. So I WOULD send pictures home do I send pictures when I don't have a camera...If anyone can answer me this one I will be impressed. Can't really go to a Walmart and buy one, although there is a Melcom (owned by Walmart) in our District so I will ask the District Leader if we can go one day. Hopefully we can.
OK I have got to go. 
I love all of you and hope you enjoy your week. CYA NEXT WEEK.

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