Monday, July 29, 2013

Greetings from Ghana!

Hey Everyone!

How are you? Ghana is sweet!  Same old, same old.  Get up at 6:30, eat, study, go out at 10, have lunch, have dinner, and return to the apartment by 9, but it is fun!

Elder Ralph and I went on an exchange on Thursday and it was pretty successful to say the least.  Elder Ralph is the Zone Leader who lives in our apartment.  He is from Florida and a convert.  He is 21 and super smart.  I will take a picture of some doctrine we are working on.  It is pretty sweet. If this computer was nicer I would show you the picture.  Next week.

So I ran into an Elder from St. George.  He is brand new in Ghana.  His name is Elder Taylor.  He went to Pine View, but hey it was cool to see a southern Utah boy.  He is in the other mission.  I don't know if that was a one time thing or if I might see him again.  He was at our chapel.  Long story.

So Tanta Hills is sweet.  The Stake President lives in our ward, but we don't really talk to him.  Elder Ralph does so that it good.  He comes to our ward almost every week and always gives a talk at the end if he is there.  If he isn't there then the Bishop gives a talk at the end of the meeting.  Yesterday the Stake President was there and he went into deep doctrine on them and told the members to get to work . . . as in Temple work.

We had a baptism on Saturday.  He showed up late to church so now we have to wait until next week to confirm him a member.  Gah!!!! It rained, so that is why.  When it rains, nobody is out.  We got on an empty TroTro, which is extremely weird.  TroTro is Twi means CoinsCoins . . . makes sense.

Membership yesterday was 124 out of 300+ members.  Lets just say we were all a little upset about that.  They also think that if you miss a week you are less active.  So far the less active names we've been getting are people who miss maybe once or twice in a month and are tagged less active.  Gah!

So that's about all for this week.  I will talk to ya'll next week.


Elder Ty M. Bowden

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