Monday, June 3, 2013

I Am Still Alive

Well, first off sorry about last week. The cafe in Kpone is not the best.  So this week we are in Tema and it is a way nicer cafe.  I don't know if we will continue to come to Tema or if we will stay in Kpone with the bad cafe.

With that, I have to update you about 2 whole weeks now. Well, last week nothing much happened until Sunday. Sunday we had our second baptism. Yay! It was so exciting.  That's the only cool thing that happened last week. 
Now to this week. This is the story of how a young missionary named Elder Bowden almost died. Wednesday night I was on a mini split with Elder Bradley in Kpone. Well my shoulder started to ache but no big deal. Then my head started to hurt by this time we were back in the apartment. So I go to bed thinking all will be fine in the morning. WRONG! I wake up in the morning with a temperature of 102! FEVER! GAH! I was in bed all day. Elder Russell watched over me while Elder Tribe and Elder Bradley went out to teach. It was horrible. My whole body ached and my head was on fire. What was worse was the power was off so I didn't have a fan to help cool down my body at all. (Plus it was raining) So I am alive now thankfully. 

But the work is going great here. You know its just hard because the branch is so small and members don't really know what to do to help us. The branch president yesterday finished the meeting by telling them that the missionaries need FMs (free meals) So hopefully soon we can get members to help us more (and feed us too). We have a goal for 3 baptisms this month, so pray that that happens. Also people when you pray for rain, pray for rain in your respective areas, because its all in Kpone right now!

Well...sorry but thats all for now.  Just moving along. Had a lot of people at church yesterday which was really nice. 

Hope all is well in St. George or wherever you may be. 


Elder Bowden

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