Monday, February 17, 2014

Ghana Letter

So I am guessing that this week you want to know how I am doing. This area is not easy at all. The walking is still a big pain. My shoes are getting pretty worn on the bottom, so I have tried to preserve them as best as possible. I might have to buy some shoe repair kit or something like that if I wanna wear these shoes my whole mission.
     I said I want to talk about investigators who come to Church on Sunday. That would be nice...if anyone came to Church yesterday. Sadly none of our investigators came to church. You might be wondering about Jewel who was supposed to be baptized yesterday. Well, on Thursday we were supposed to meet her at the Church and do her baptismal interview there. Me and Elder Serassio the whole day and day before have been trying to call her and get in contact with her, but she would never pick or she would answer, say shes at Circle, and then hangs up. So we had no idea what was going on. So on Thursday night, we can tell she's not coming. We decide to travel to her home to see if she is there. We are informed by her neighbors that she will not be coming back ever.  So we put two and two together. She is no longer part of our area, (moved into the Circle area) and we have sent her contact over to the missionaries in that area. Sad day. :(
     So I need to clear something up. Elder Serassio's family. His parents are both Americans. Their ANCESTORS can be traced back to Italy and Ghana. Just in case there was any confusion, his parents are American.
     Alright Great News. I have been working out. Ok maybe not working out, but I have been doing sports. Me and Elder Pearson (From Montana and goes home in 30 days) go and play basketball every morning (except Sunday). It is a lot of fun to get out and play some B-ball.  While the two of us are doing that my companion, Elder Serassio, is gyming like a beast in the apartment while we are playing b-ball. He has talked about running so maybe this week we will go out and run during the morning and what not. I do not know. We will see.
     This week is going to be busy. We have a mission tour this week with Elder Dube of the First Quorum of the Seventy. So on Wednesday I get to meet another Awesome member the the Church General Authorities. Our Mission has been blessed with so many wonderful people in the last few months. Elder Vincent (Seventy), Elder Bednar (Apostle), and now Elder Dube (Seventy). Ghana is super blessed to have so many spiritually powerful people in it. 
     So in case you wanna know who is all in my apartment just in case I mention someones name and you wonder who is who and what is what. Here it is:

Elder Pearson is companions with Elder Bills, Elder Pearson is the Zone Leader. 
Elder Kelly is companions with Elder Schoessow, Elder Kelly is the other Zone Leader. 
Elder Pietsch is companions with Elder Saleh. Elder Pietsch is the District Leader. 
Then there is me and Elder Serassio. 
YUP...Elder Pietsch and Pearson are heading home soon (30 days soon). 

Other then that things are pretty much the same. Life is good. Just have to find more people to teach. Lots of contacting ahead of us this week. The members of the ward are super nice. They love the missionaries. I love the members here. Just part of Adjusting.
Well, I better close for this week. I hope you all take care and I am always here waiting for your emails or letters or packages.  But whatever you would love to send, I will love to hold in my hands and hug. Love you all so very much.

Elder Bowden

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