Monday, February 10, 2014

Zongo, Transfers, and a Jewel

Well, the question should be, where to begin.
     We all should know that I have been Transferred. Yes I have left the Amasaman area. I am sad to have left but I know that Korle Bu is the Ward I need to be in now. It is quite an interesting area. For one, all we do is walk in this area. I would bike if I could, but for a few reasons we don't. One, the area is small enough we can walk, two, its hard to contact people on a bike, and the last reason, all the bikes are broken and no one will fix them (I would if I had the tools). 
     So we walk. And let me tell you that is painful at the moment. In Amasaman we did walk, but it was on dirt, on sand. Now I am here and I am on asphalt. A hard surface. Very painful. My feet kill right now. NEVERTHELESS we press forward. 
     My Companion: His name is Elder Serassio. He has an interesting back ground. His Dad's dad is from Ghana, and his mom is from Italy. They met in the US and now my companion is in Ghana with me. Elder Serassio or Yaw, as he likes to be called, is sweet. He loves to GYM every morning. He does push ups sit ups all kinds of work outs every day. It is sweet. It is inspiring to watch, as I eat my bread and egg sandwich. 
     Korle Bu. I can describe this area by dividing the area in thirds. 1/3 of the area is auto mechanic places and businesses like that, and shops that line the street. Another 1/3 is the fruitful area that we can actually do some decent work in.
     Then there is the last 1/3....This area is called the Zongo. Well, how to best explain this....It is dense, heavily packed, Muslim area. Not to worry it is perfectly fine area. Just the fact that there are Muslims and it is kinda scary to walk through at night time. No worries! ...pray for me!!!!!!!!!
     The ward is super nice. They are small though. I wouldn't say that at church we had over 100 people. However the ward seems to be moving. At least I hope so. The Bishop and his councelors are less then a year old (in terms of serving).
     Now I want to try something new. I want to start talking about the people who actually come to church on Sunday. This week we were blessed to have one come to church.
     Her name is Jewel. She is a 19 year old girl who is quite interesting. She has a great desire to join the church. This Sunday she will be baptized into the Church. I am so excited for her! The moment I met her she was just funny to be around. She is a spaz, as some could say.
     So, there is my week in a nut shell. I do not know why I say nut shell when I would die if I even touched one. Oh well. BYE BYE!!!!!


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