Monday, February 3, 2014

Transfer Time

Well, things have been interesting this past week.  I have passed 10 months on my mission, Elder Bednar was in Ghana and I got to see him! Elder Smith goes home tomorrow, transfers are on Wednesday, and the Broncos lost the Superbowl (ya...not too happy about that one. Still love them! Love them through thick and thin).

So where to start? Lets start with Elder Bednar. There was an Apostle in Ghana last week!!  It was amazing! He was so powerful and bold. He just gave it to us straight. He is just wow... He did an open discussion and then a question and answer. Prior to the question and answer part he told us he didn't want questions like "where is Kolob" or "have you seen Jesus Christ."  He asked us to ask questions that would help us progress in life. He said, you have an Apostle here, now is the time to ask an Apostle of Jesus Christ something about being an Apostle or something that he has learned in his life.  There were some really good questions. Some like, "As an Apostle how have you observed prayers with other Apostles and how can I put that into effect?" Well, the response to that question I want to share with you. He said, "you can only pray so many different ways. As a Quorum we meet every Thursday and after we have lunch. I wish you all could see the prayer that is given on the food. You can only bless it so many types of ways. But it's not the words (again we don't want vain repetition), but prayer should come from the heart. Focus more on the heart." He then challenged the Elder who asked the question (it was Elder Smith :) to get an inexpensive Book of Mormon, and read it cover to cover and mark anytime it mentioned hearts, and the attribute attached to it. Such as hard hearted, So there is Elder Bednar in a nutshell. 

Transfers are on Wednesday. I am being transferred. I will be going to a place called Korle Bu (core lay boo). Fun fact it is where the Main Hospital in Ghana is. In case anything happens to me, know that I am close to the Hospital. LOL  What is sweet, if any of you remember, Elder Pietsch (if not you will have to wait until next week) but he is my new District Leader! YAY!!!! I am excited to be in the same apartment as him. 

Well, that should be all for this week. I am grateful for all of your prayers and thoughts. Keep them up. Don't lose faith! GOD LOVES YOU!!!!

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