Monday, November 3, 2014

Fresh Look

     Another week has been finished. Crazy how yesterday was General Conference for us here in Ghana. It was nice. One problem is the fact that trying to sit through 4 straight hours of men and women giving talks is not the funnest thing to do. After the first two hours, a lot of members got up and left. Not surprising, that is how the past three conferences have all been. After two hours, a lot of members are hungry and want to go pound Fufu. Yesterday we were heading home after to eat ourselves and a member calls us saying to come and have Fufu. Okay! No Problem. We already get Fufu on Saturdays, so why not get some more. 
     I mentioned last week about us receiving two referrals from a member in a different ward. Well, these two referrals are what you call, "Golden Investigators". They are Jerry and Nathaniel. They are cousins and are looking for the truth. They came to General Conference yesterday and just loved it. Every minute of it! They saw the "Big Picture" of conference and how it is the word of God to us today and we need to follow the council. I was shocked but they had pages (note the word "pages") of notes taken from what they had learned. I was shocked. They got more out of two sessions of conference then most members get in five. We have planned their baptism for the 23rd of this month. I really am looking forward to their baptism. 
     The area is doing well. We are staying as busy as we possibly can. We are enjoying and having a lot of fun. I enjoy the Sister Missionaries a lot. Yesterday I was at a multi district FM, and one of the missionaries in another district was wondering if I was enjoying being with the Sisters, and was shocked when I told him I was. It is sad because there are a lot of rumors about how the Sisters are horrible and what not. I am trying to get rid of those rumors. Maybe other Sisters are horrible, but not my Sisters. They are awesome. 
     Halloween was normal, just like any other day in Ghana. Of course Ghanians do not like sweet things. Candy is not the best thing for them. They prefer spicy things. Me I prefer sweet things. So if you desire to send me some sweets. . .feel free. LOL. 
     As you can see the blog has gotten a new face lift. I hope you like it. I have put the photo in the background in the photos page. So you can go and check it out. 

Have a great week. I love all of you!!!

Elder Bowden

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