Monday, October 27, 2014

Short Note

Well Hello everyone. How was your week? I don't know why I ask because none of you will reply.  LOL!  Either way. . . I hear Ebola has made it's way to New York City, that's great (note sarcasm). I just find it hard to believe that it is in America but not in Ghana. I don't know but missionaries have been evacuated from Liberia and Sierra Leone. So would they take missionaries out of places in America if it gets worse? Who knows. Lets hope not.
     This week was an alright week. We had a lot of members come and help us this week which was sweet. We had more member lessons this week then just normal lessons. This was only the second time in my mission that I've had that happen. It is a cool thing to experience. That is one thing we hope to be able to continue to be working on.
     We also were blessed to receive two referrals that are amazing! We taught them on Friday and then they came to church on Sunday and want to be baptized, so on the 23rd that is their planned baptismal dates. That was just two out of the six baptismal dates we have. So we are pretty happy about that. Hopefully we will have two baptized this Sunday, then more in the weeks to come.  I am pretty happy about that. It was sweet to have that many at church.
     Sisters are still doing well. One of the companionships is really soaring right now in their area. Minus the fact that one got clipped by a car. No big deal. She is fine, just elbow got a bit bruised. That is Ghana for ya, the drivers here are really scary and don't pay attention like they do back home. She got hit but still went out to work. That is amazing of her.
     To continue the Rasta story from last week. We've only seen him once from that time, still drunk as ever. But not as drunk. The end.
     I don't know what else to talk about today. Ghana is great, it is hot, so ya. Ghana be great!
Love ya!

Elder Bowden

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