Monday, October 13, 2014


     It is crazy to see the things that happen as missionaries. I just put WHAT because one of the Elders always says that in the apartment when something crazy happens. I am just enjoying. You know, a mission is not an easy thing. Especially when your companion has the same attitude as you do, you just want to kill him sometimes. It's not like it is the "same" if you were going to put us into a group, we would be in the same group. I think that we get on each others nerves some times, but we seem to do just fine.
     The weeks are not easy. Especially when there is nobody to teach. I don't like that excuse. In fact I hate it. Oh nobody to teach. Truth there are plenty of people that we could be teaching but they seem to always be busy. Which is horrible. We contact a guy going to work, ask him when he is free, he tells us he works from 8 am to 7pm every day, and when he gets home his is quote "too tired" to learn with us. Nevertheless we did receive some  referrals from some people on Sunday that we will have to follow up on.
     Some of you might be wondering how the new bishop is doing. He is doing very well, in fact we are going to have Family Home Evening with him and his family tonight. That will be a lot of fun. . . Play some games and do some fun activities. I am pretty excited to do that. I love family home evenings.
     The sisters are doing very well. They had the best numbers I've ever seen the sisters have. I was so shocked I was like "WHAT!?!?!?!" Both of them had outstanding weeks. I was so happy for them that I just wanted to scream. I was just sitting at my desk and when I got their numbers via text messages, I about jump out of my seat over excitement. So THANK YOU for any prayers for the sisters because they were answered.
     This week we will continue to work hard and hopefully get more people to teach. I love teaching and can not wait to teach more people this week. I just have to find them first. LOL. Pray that we do. I love all of you and am so grateful for all of your support.

With Love

Elder Bowden

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