Monday, October 6, 2014

The New

     Well, I can't believe it, but Ebola is in America but not in Ghana. I don't know how that happened but it did. So all you people enjoy America while I am safe in Ghana. That is really strange. How the heck did it get to America before getting to Ghana?!?!?! Alma 37:11. . .

Moving on:
     This week was the start of a new eight week transfer. YAY!!!! So you probably have questions about my new companion. Well. . .as I said last week in my e-mail he is from Tonga. Yes he is from Tonga, and is basically my twin brother, only louder, and a little more annoying. LOL (is that even possible). Elder Langi is a great guy and super friendly. In Tonga they only speak Tongan, very little English, so when he first came to Ghana he knew no English (he doesn't like English at all) , and now knows quite a lot of English. It is very slow, but he has improved so much over the five months he has been here.

     The sisters are doing well, the two that were in my District last transfer are both now training, and the two new sisters speak very little English. It is mostly broken English that is a form of pigeon. So as they work I encourage them to pray for the gift of tongues. That I feel will help them the most. They all seem super nice and excited to work.

     Funny story...yesterday in church, my bishop and his two counselors were released!!! AND . . .WAIT FOR IT!!!! WE got a NEW Bishop and two NEW counselors!!!! Ya the Stake President whitewashed the Dansoman Bishopric!!! CRAZY!!! Reminds me when my dad released the entire Bishopric a few years ago. Crazy!!! So, anyways, what happened since it was fast and testimony meeting, the Stake President asked the old Bishopric and the NEW Bishopric to bear their testimonies. Also one thing about missionaries when they get transferred, they bear their testimonies that Sunday they come. SO the New and Old Bishopric and three missionaries bore their testimonies. That took all day. The former bishops wife got up and bore her testimony. In the Dansoman ward is a former mission president of the Carlebar Nigeria Mission so he too bore his testimony and then that was the end of the time. Funny. Sorry members!!! Next month! LOL

     Today the Office Couple (Elder and Sister Wall) came to our apartment to bring us a few supplies and to make sure our apartment was in top shape. It is sad because they leave to go home at the end of next month. 18 months finished. WOW!! They came after me, and now they are leaving before me. . .not fair. . .thankfully we have received word that a new Office Couple will come and replace the Walls. Finally! The first couple called apparently said no. Bless this couple that is coming for answering the call to come (not where they wanted to go, but to where the Lord wanted them to go). God bless them.
     Ok, well, I better get going. See ya next week!!!! LOVE YA ALL!!!!!


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