Monday, September 29, 2014

The Week of Zero

     Well, Hello, and welcome again to another week of missionary work. You know people say that missionary work is not easy. I would agree with them. It is not, nor will it be an easy task. The Savior sent the 12 and 70 out two by two and in the days following the Crucifixion, there were only roughly 150 members. That is scary considering that during the three years that Christ was on the earth he was followed by thousands. Now were down to 150. Either the Apostles had a lot of less actives to work with or a lot of dropped investigators who didn't make their baptismal dates. Either way, they had some work to do. Now, we as servants of the Lord continue that work under the direction of the modern day Prophets and Apostles, with Jesus Christ directing them. Today it is the same, lots of members, and a lot of less actives. We work. We find them, we teach them, we baptize them, then help them endure to the end. That is not an easy task. But we are doing it small small.

     This week sadly was a rough one. Really just a full on, hit a brick wall at full speed and got our butts kicked. Its like, I don't know how to explain it, we go out, we walk, and walk, and walk, and somehow walk some more, but never seem to find people to teach or at least this past week. We had zero new investigators. That is way short of the mission goal of ten a week.  Oh well, try again this week. Hopefully this week is better.

     So this is kinda weird, but transfers are this week. It is weird because it has only been 4 weeks since the last one. The reason is that President Hill is going to a Mission President Seminar and that falls on the week of transfers. So we had to push it up to this week. This new transfer will last 8 weeks. I will have a new companion during this time. He is from Tonga. Here is the funny part about my new companion. Tonga in Twi, means something bad. I don't need to tell you what it means, but just know that it is bad, not like a swearword, but it just . . .well. . . Thus, we begin a new transfer. Another time to work and to get things done. Hopefully.

     As I mentioned last week we had a zone activity. We played basketball. The end. Sports. . .we are all very rusty at it. Missing lay ups and what not. But as the day dragged on in the Ghana Sun, we got better. Small. It was a fun activity. Others played soccer. So it was a good day.

     Ok well, I am going to go. Because I have to do college applications. BYE BYE!!!!

Elder Bowden

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