Monday, September 15, 2014

Greetings from Ghana!!!!!

Well hello and welcome again to another episode of "The Journeys of a Small Boy named Bowden". In todays episode we have:

My Moms birthday
Zone Conference
My Companions Birthday
Sisters Update
Ghana Update

     So let us begin by first wishing my wonderful mother a happy birthday. For the record, she is NOT 30! I know she looks it but is far from it. Don't let her shortness fool any of you into thinking she is a college student. She is the mother of a 20 year old.
     Moving on into todays news. . .Ebola is on the rise, everywhere except Ghana. To quote President Hill "still no Ebola in Ghana: zero, zilch, nothing, nada." So that is good news. We don't need to worry about it because the Church will not allow us to stay in Ghana if it was going to endanger us.
     Now onto the wonderful zone conference. It was a nice experience. We traveled out to the Temple/Area Office to have our conference. We didn't get to go inside the Temple (we will be doing that in November) but the main reason we went was to get our new non-citizen id cards. We were also interviewed by the Mission President. He is sweet and doing really well as is his wife. We talked a lot about our personality vs. character. How we should be more worried about our character and not so much our personality. That was something that touched me a lot and am going to follow the council given to us to work more on our character and be defined as someone who has good character and not so much on our personality. Looking forward to November's Zone Conference when we get to go to the Temple.
     On Saturday it was my companions Birthday! He turned 20! Yay!!!! Happy Birthday Elder Mmbulika!!!!! He didn't want anyone to really know about it so we didn't tell anyone until after it had passed. I don't know why, but that's what he wanted. We did enjoy Fufu on his birthday, so that was nice.
     Fufu, so I forgot if I told you about the member who has said that she will make the missionaries Fufu every Saturday. If not, there is a member in our ward who makes the missionaries Fufu every Saturday. It is super good and I love Fufu so much! If we could make Fufu in America I would make it for all of you when I got home, but we don't have cassava or plantain. Sorry. I am for sure going to miss having Fufu. That is my favorite meal in Ghana.
     THE SISTERS!!!! I think it is safe to say that I have the best Sister Missionaries in the Mission. They are nothing like I was told. They are hard workers and are doing very well. One of the two companionship's is planning on having two baptisms this next week. That is awesome! So proud of them. I am excited to be here to help encourage them onto greatness!!!!
    Ghana is good. I am enjoying the mission. Sadly rainy season is about to end which dry season will be rolling around. I am uncertain on how this will effect the missionary work, but we will work no matter what happens. Ghana be great!!!!!
    Alright, thanks for listening. See ya next week.


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