Monday, September 8, 2014

Dansoman Ward

Hello and greetings again from Ghana!  Once again we have reached another Fast Sunday.  We will talk more about the Fast Sunday in a minute, but just know that only 6 more Fast Sundays and I am fasting in St. George.  YAY!!!

Life is good.  Ghana is still free of Ebola.  As you know transfers were last week and I was transferred to Dansoman One.  Now I am going to explain this in detail and very slowly so be patient.  Here's whats happening:

     1.  I am in Dansoman Ward/Mission District
     2.  I live in Mamponse Ward boundaries/Mamponse District
     3.  There are four Elders in my apartment
     4.  2 Elders are in Mamponse Ward, 2 are in Dansoman Ward
     5.  I am DL of Dansoman District
     6.  The other senior companion in the apartment is the DL for Mamponse District
     7.  In the two Districts there are 8 sister missionaries, 4 in my District and 4 in the other district
     8.  ALL 8 sisters live in the same apartment
     9.  Thus, two Districts, two different apartments

OK so hopefully that helps settle any confusion.  So Dansoman area is an alright area.  On paper it is very small and when you get into is, but it is dense so there are plenty of people, for now.  However, I fear this area will run out of people fast.  We only have two serious people we are teaching and one is being baptized at the end of the month.  We will have to contact and hopefully find new people and plan on baptizing in the month of October.

This transfer is only a 4 week transfer, meaning that come October 1 there is another transfer.  After that the next transfer is 8 weeks.  Holy cow that is crazy!  It is because of the Mission President Seminar that is coming up in 6 weeks.  President Hill will not be around to do transfers so they just pushed it up a week or so.  At the end of those four weeks, we will be getting 30 new missionaries!  Holy Cow!! That is a lot.

We have zone conference this Wednesday and we will be going to the area office at the temple grounds.  I am super excited to go and see the temple.  In November we will actually get to go inside.  For now its just a conference.  Dansoman ward is super nice.  Sadly I have only 30 seconds so I cannot talk about it today.  Next week!

Love ya!!!!
Elder Bowden

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