Monday, September 22, 2014


     Well everyone. . . what can I say to express how I feel. We've reached another mile stone today in the amazing journey of my life. We have reached eighteen months in Ghana. Three-fourths of the way done and only got six more to go before I am hugging my mommy at the St. George Airport. Wow! That is crazy to think about and hard to believe and yet it is exciting at the same time. Just gotta keep working hard for these last six. Final sprint!
     Well, Dansoman is an okay place. The area has a lot of members in it so we find ourselves visiting members often. I like that because I feel like I didn't visit as many members as I could of in my last area, so I am trying to repent and get to know the members in my area better. That is good because some days you are working hard in your area and there is absolutely no one to see. You are walking in circles day in and day out and you get frustrated, so you go and visit a member who talks to you, is interested in what you have to say, and then tells you they have a friend they want you to go and teach. Cool.
     Even one member, yes the one that feeds us Fufu, is so kind. She has helped us a lot and the missionaries will forever be in her debt.
     So some of you probably want to know about my companion Elder Mmbulika. Some of you just want to know how to say his name! Well, to say his name is very easy. In fact, all you do is drop the two Ms on his name and say bul leak a! It is like eureka, but bulika! YA. . . Well to talk about Elder Mmbulika, where he is from and how long he has been a member, is a very interesting story. His parents have been members for a very long time. Longer then he has been alive. He is 20 years old. His parents moved from the city where the church was in Kenya and moved to a town where the church was not present from like when he was 1 to when he was 15 years old. So he was baptized when he was 15 years old.
     This week was very long you could say. I felt like we walked in circles the whole time and were not able to do as much as we had planned to do. Door to door isn't working and we are just looking for people who are outside. The problem is that during the day everyone is either at work or at school and they are all to busy to let us share the gospel with them.
     Oh well, that's Ghana for you. Right! Well, I hope all of you have a great day and I will see ya next week.


Elder Bowden

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