Monday, October 20, 2014


     Hello Everyone! How is everything going? I hope everything is going well because things here in Ghana are good. Another week is gone, can you believe that? With this week we'll hit another milestone. NINETEEN MONTH MARK!!!!! That's right boys and girls. On Wednesday I will be officially 19 months on mission. That is as record for the longest I've ever been away from home. Sadly not a world record, now that I think about it, what is the world record for the longest someone has been away from home, if there even is a record for that? Who knows, most unlikely it isn't me. . .Sadly. . .It should be!
     We had a really good week. Not just another normal week, but a great week. We saw a lot of people and had a lot of contacts. This week was probably one of the best weeks we've had in this area, if not the best. We are just doing our best. The Zone Leaders were wondering what we did differently. . . and well I told them we didn't change anything about our week, just that people actually showed up and wanted to learn and we were able to have a lot of success.
     In November we are hoping to have a few baptisms. Sadly the last few months have been dry, and it is sad, but nevertheless we are hoping to make November a very wet one and progressing to December to make a few others. They want us to plan ahead this time for December. I was like what?! It isn't even November and you want us to plan for December? I probably won't even be here in December (referring to how transfers are on 26th of November) They just want us to make sure we are teaching people and extending baptismal dates. The thing I am thinking is if you are planning for someone they only need to come three times before they are baptized.  That still doesn't reach December. . .oh well. . .we shall see in the future about it.
     The Sisters are doing very well. The one companionship is doing very well with teaching people and finding and getting new investigators. They had a baptism on Sunday which was just amazing. I was happy for them. They have worked super hard for it and totally deserve it. The other sisters have opened up a new area and so they are just at the moment trying to find people to extend commitments to. I bet that in the upcoming weeks they will be doing super well. Just have to keep finding.
     One story to close. Here in Ghana there are people called Rastafari. If you have no idea what that is, just go and Google it. I don't want to explain all of that here. However I have become friends with one in this area since I came here. He is a cool guy who likes to help out in the area. However, he likes to get drunk and high. So me and my companion on Saturday are walking and we see him just drunk as a sailor walking around and he is falling and tripping and almost fell into a gutter, so we grab him and take him to his house.  The whole time crying how he has problems and so forth. It was super sad because you can tell he is addicted to these things and it just makes me really sad. While we were helping him get home people shout at him Rasta go die or you go kill yo self Rasta. It is sad because people don't care about him.
     So that was my week. It was an adventure to say the least. I hope all of you had a good week and lets hope for another great week this week!


Elder Ty M. Bowden

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