Monday, February 2, 2015


     Well I guess I have got a lot of explaining to do. Last week, well. . . as I was about to get on, LIGHT OFF! Let me tell ya, it has not been easy these past two weeks in the light off and it is usually been in the night time so sleeping has not been easy. I thought that I was used to it, but dang these past two have been a real killer and it is all of Accra too. Don't know why. It is actually amazing that I am talking to you people with light at the moment. Usually the cafe' I am at has a backup generator, but for whatever reason there was last week. . .it failed. So It had to be repaired so hopefully tonight IF there is light off then we will be prepared.
     Now I will attempt to cover two weeks worth of valuable information. So I will start kinda in the middle. Last week Sunday we wake up and are getting ready for church and as we are leaving we unlock our door and notice that the key mount has been tampered with. Like someone took a hammer and tried to break it. Also a screwdriver had been forced through the crack of the door to try and shimmy it open. ALL FAILED. Whoever it was definitely is not a pro at unlocking/breaking into apartments. This is strange because a week earlier the Zone Leaders apartment HAD been broken into and then ours following. Not sure if they are related but you can never be too certain. After this the mission sent some guys to double our protection. Adding a second door key AND an alarm pad lock. Also me myself added a bike lock for kicks and giggles. Ain't no fool gettin' in this place now!
      We had two really good weeks. I was really happy because it has been a really good month. Not like the greatest but better then one could think for the area that we are in. We have found a family we have started to teach and hopefully starting next week they can come to Church and worship with us. Not just them but several others. We did have 4 investigators at church yesterday.  Our teaching pool isn't really that full however, in fact most would say it is empty except for a few drops surrounding the drain. I feel differently because a few months ago the pool was being used as a skate park. However there is room for improvement. Our baptismal dates are very low compared to when I was in Dansoman and we had more then ten a week. We will improve on the ruff edges and hope for the best.
     My companion is doing well. He is learning and teaching more. I basically just let him plan and do everything (I've been planning and doing everything for almost 18 months, I'm tired)! He has been doing well. Loves reading his scriptures and every minute that he gets he is busily eating them up. Keeps on going. Great guy.
     Last week Monday, me and my companion, the APs, Office Elders, and another companionship went to this place in the APs area that has a MINIATURE GOLF COURSE!!!!! Who would of thought. Actually I've known about it for a long time. Ghana actually has two full 18 hole golf courses (we would go there but it costs 100 cedis to play), so why be surprised that they also have a Miniature Golf Course. I know right! It was so much fun. 18 mini holes of fun!! Just like the courses back home. It is owned buy a woman from England. Accent and all. Totally worth it.
     A little sports updates this side of the world. Not sure if I have ever told you about this, but in Africa they do a tournament called the Africa Federation Cup of Nations or AFCON. So Ghana is in the Semi Finals against Equatorial Guinea who happens to be the host team. If Ghana wins they go onto the finals against either Ivory Coast or the team they play. So it is really exciting to be here. During two major sports events in Ghana, first the FIFA World Cup where America humbled Ghana 2 - 1. Now Ghana is back for revenge in the AFCON. GO BLACKSTARS!
     So I am outta here. I love all of you so very much. Hope you have a great week.


Elder Bowden

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