Monday, July 28, 2014

Another Week Passes By

     Hello once again. It is great to hear from only two people again about Preach My Gospel. Maybe next week. I am going to keep pushing you. My Friends, family, and people on the other side of the world that are reading this. Study Preach My Gospel. Please do it.
     This week was an ok week. We didn't get as much success as we wanted but we did do pretty well. We do plan this week to do better. Just one of those weeks. It happens, so we are not too worried. We will do all we can to accomplish more this week. Contacting, teaching, etc. Walking is a killer but I much prefer to walk then to bike. Biking you can't really contact as well as you can walking. When biking you tend to get into a race with your companion to appointments then forget to contact along the way. When walking people can stop you easier and you can be more in tune to the spirit. Especially these past 3 weeks, my contacting skills I felt have improved.
     Well, 16 months have come and gone. That is too crazy! Can any of you believe that I have been doing this for 16 months? Well, I can't. Honestly it is amazing that the time has flown by this fast. It is amazing what you learn in these few months. I love missionary work. Yes sometimes it is hard,  but the memories that you gain from it you cannot pay for or get anywhere else.
     I hope that you are all doing well. Samson received the Holy Ghost yesterday and was super happy to be a member. He is doing very well. Sadly we didn't have any investigators at Church yesterday but we will go back to them this week and continue to help them work out any issues or challenges that they might be having.
     We have a new missionary in our District, Elder Sebit from South Sudan. It will be interesting to see how these next six weeks pass by. I am super excited to go out and work. I Love You all. I cannot wait to hear from you all next week.


Elder Bowden

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